Erin Carr is a licensed board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. In addition, she has completed an orthopedic residency program on functional manual therapy. Erin believes the body has the ability to heal on its own. She performs thorough holistic evaluations determining the source of one’s musculoskeletal pain. The foundations of her treatments blend western and eastern treatment techniques for the musculoskeletal system in relation to the viscera (organs), nerves, arteries and fascia. Every patient seen is assessed and treated uniquely as everyone’s body can present differently with any given injury, acute or chronic. She also spends time educating her patients so they become more aware of their body while preventing further re-injury. As a result, patients experience long-term pain relief and return to an optimum level of function. Erin is currently the Integrative Physical Therapist for the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. She is also a current adjunct faculty member of the Mount St. Mary’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, is the physical therapist for The Colburn School Music Conservatory in Los Angeles and a member of the Knight Physical Therapy team in Orange County. She has authored a chapter on the rehabilitation of patients following lumbar disc replacement surgery. She completed her doctoral dissertation on balance measures and balance changes in the older adult population. Erin is a native of Los Angeles. She was a competitive swimmer for over 15 years while a swim instructor for 10. She decided to pursue a career in physical therapy after experiencing personal sporting injuries from swimming and triathlon training. She understands where her patients are coming from when their injuries or pain hinder them from doing what they love to do most. Whether its returning to day-to-day activities, work, or training for a sporting event, with a passion for life and love for her work, Erin’s goal is to get all of her patients back to the activities they love to do. To learn more about Erin’s work as a holistic integrative physical therapist, please visit her website at: