Laura Tong, a former health professional and world record holder,  is on a mission to help you become the most positive, happy version of yourself.  Grab her free cheat sheet: 5 Guilt Free Ways To Say No Without Offending Anyone (Even If You Hate Conflict). Laura studies awesome people from around the world to bring to light the habits and actions that allow them to lead happy lives and stay positive when life gets tough. Everything she learns she then shares in her new interview series Re-write The Rules In Your Life so you can shortcut your way to happiness starting right now. Click here to listen free to the latest episodes.

Along with her partner, Mark, Laura founded PositivelyHappy.Me  to help you live, love and laugh like a kid again and to help you through hard times to find your smile. Download her free resource: 5 Simple But Magical Stress Busting Tips You Can Use Anywhere, Anytime in 5 Minutes or Less (Even if Your Day's Gone Up in Smoke)

Laura's other passions include painting, renovating her house in France and building everything from Ozark float boats to hovercraft. She also loves travelling, adventuring and discovering just how awesome people are the world over. Follow Laura on twitter