Dr. Maggie Ney is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor and co-director of the Women’s Clinic at the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, California. She received her naturopathic medical degree from Bastyr University, one of the nation’s leading naturopathic medical schools. Dr. Ney specializes in female hormone balancing and healthy aging and understands how the interaction of diet, stress, hormonal changes, unhealthy digestion and a build-up of toxins affect a woman’s body and the aging process. In addition to being a bio-identical hormone specialist, she uses lifestyle modifications, diet, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine and homeopathy to address the root causes of her patient’s health concerns. In line with the core principles of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Ney believes that the body is inherently healthy and self-regulating. Once obstacles to health are identified and removed and the body is given appropriate support and nourishment, optimal health can be obtained.