Here is the official premiere of Jackson’s new song “Make Up Your Mind (Acoustic)” in its entirety!

Jackson’s prior behind-the-scenes video blog will give you some insight into the song.

Jackson Guthy is a young singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, who is preparing to stamp his mark on the music world. Following a breakthrough performance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Jackson is currently in the studio recording his debut album (‘Launch’), set for release in 2012. At the age of 15, Jackson balances his music career with school life, his close-knit family and friends. Jackson’s goal is to write songs that follow his personal journey through life, with the hope that others can relate to and find meaning in his music.

Head to to find out more about Jackson and to get a free mp3 of his song “LOVING (Acoustic)”.


NOTE FROM POSITIVELY POSITIVE: Music/art is so inspiring. We love great artists who are following their passion and doing what it takes to make their dream a reality.  Jackson is one of those artists. We will continue to follow him on his journey.