For people who are going through the low points in life Sean urges you to not be afraid. “Fear is an interesting, tricky little devil. It can either destroy you or make you sharp. It can either drive you insane and cause self-medication or it can make you break out of your comfort zone and never look back.”

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Sean specifically encourages those who may be thinking of committing suicide to not buy into the hype of your fears and insecurities.

“You are enough…” he shared “find something that lights you up and go after it, even if it takes you a while. You have something for humanity and me. Please stay with us.”

Sean shared that self-pity is the worse drug on the planet. “It’s like this drug that makes us small and believe that we aren’t enough.” Sean explains how as humans we begin to get addicted to the feeling that our insecurities are what define us and eventually we begin to wither away. He encourages everyone to stop pitying themselves and to stop pitying others. He said the people that feel sorry for him when they see he is in a wheelchair are wasting their time. “I am happy on this planet, I have made something of my life,” he said “there is no room in my life to pity myself.” However, when those moments of self-doubt do enter Sean’s mind, his wife reminds him that that is a drug they are not going to take in their lives.

Even with his positive outlook there have been many “low” moments for Sean. He shared with me one of his lowest moments came when he was thirty years old and experiencing self-frustration. “I wanted love and to travel with the love of my life and I didn’t have that. I felt that all my other friends were getting married and having children and I didn’t have anyone to love me in the romantic sense.” Sean said at this point he was about to throw all of his dreams away and that is when he met his wife whom he lovingly describes as his “soul match.”

I think that we can all learn something from Sean’s story. I hope that you are able to connect with his raw honesty and vulnerability and are inspired to live your life to the fullest. Just like Sean, you are not alone and I want everyone to be at peace with who you are and rid your mind of any insecurities and self-doubt.

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