“Something I have learned through all this is that there are really no wrong decisions… just choices that will take your life down a totally different path.”—Claire Wineland

How do you know what decision to make? What path to go down?

About two years ago, I underwent a surgery, went septic, and wound up in a coma with a 1% chance of living. Looking back, there were so many signs to not have this surgery, but I did anyways.

It got me thinking: there really isn’t a bad decision.

Without undergoing that surgery and the events that followed, I might not have my foundation and have been able to help so many people.

Sometimes the choice is obvious, and I am not suggesting you make bad decisions thinking it’ll all just work out. What I am suggesting is that no matter what decision you make, you will grow and learn from it. No decision is bad or good, just different. Whatever you choose, you will be led down a different path, and your life will change.

There is no one way our life is supposed to go. Each choice leads to another branch of possibilities and on and on it goes. When faced with a choice, meditate and listen to your body. Do what feels right.

If you make the “wrong” decision, your life will change just as much as if you made the “right” one. You life doesn’t get worse, it just changes, and you will learn from it.

It’s rare to be a role model and sought-after speaker at the tender age of 15. It’s rare to have a life-altering condition like Cystic Fibrosis and be known for your bubbly personality. In fact, everything about Claire Wineland is rare. She has had more surgeries and hospitalizations than she can count and has survived a 17-day coma, yet through all of her many challenges, she continues to spread joy and help kids and adults alike to find their purpose.

For more information on Claire and her charity, Claire’s Place Foundation, please visit her website or on Facebook.