Have you ever been changed by another person’s smile?  It’s such a simple thing if you think about it.  A smile.  But it can make such a difference.

I was raised by parents who taught me to share my smile with the world.  It may have been the small town existence I had (people literally knew I was “a Landers kid” by the shape of my nose), but where I came from, you said hello to everyone you passed in a store, or school, or on the street, whether you knew them or not.  And with that hello, you shared a smile.  Usually, people smiled back.

I’ve been impacted by another person’s smile more than once, but at one moment in particular it made a world of difference.  It was right after my father died.  I had an urgent need to get out of the house, to go somewhere that felt more “normal”. I hit the grocery store.  And as I walked by the candy aisle, I sobbed.  My dad had a sweet tooth like no other and it hurt just to feel his loss over this simple reminder of him.  So, as I stood sobbing in the candy aisle, some people walked by as if I was invisible.  I’m not sure how it was possible for them to ignore this mess of me, but more than one person did it.  But not everyone.  There was one person who did stop.  She asked if I was ok and gave me a smile, letting me know I wasn’t alone in my grief.  It helped.  A lot.

So, share your smile.  Whether it’s a “Funny Face” pancake (my favorite breakfast), or just a little sketch on a note you leave your child, simply celebrate your smile.

What makes you smile most?


Desiree Miller’s work appears on dozens of television stations around the country, from KABC in LA to WCBS in New York.  She also contribute to magazines, including·Family Fun by Disney, Atlanta·Parent and Expectant Mothers Guide.  She writes for many websites and hold the title of Atlanta’s Top Mom Blogger.