I didn’t always adore my sisters. I often felt left out of some of their inside jokes, or was actually the butt of their jokes (AKA target for terror), but that was mostly in my childhood days.

Now that I’m grown, my sisters give me some of my greatest comfort.

After all, they’ve been there since the beginning. They were dance partners when we wanted to learn “The Bump” and roommates right up until just before high school graduation. They know all the stories about when I wiped out on my bicycle, got caught sneaking out of my room, and countless other things I’d rather not share.

They’ve also been there to help with my heartaches when boys broke my heart, provide an ear when I needed to vent (usually about those bad boyfriends), and call me out when I was being the bad one. We were there for each other as our father fought cancer (pictured above). We shared the tears as we spent hours by his bedside, letting him know it was OK to give up the fight, that we knew his love would continue for us even when he wasn’t physically here.

My sisters have the direct line to my heart. They know exactly what buttons to push if I need an attitude adjustment and they know precisely what to say when I need to be built up.

Living eight hours away, I don’t see them nearly enough, but I know if I need something, they’re just a phone call away. And they know they can count on me in the same way.

That bond between sisters is worth celebrating.

My sisters and I when we were kids

Do you have a special bond with your sisters, or were you closer to another family member?


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