Having hope is a personal decision, a bold conviction—a choice.

Hope is something worth holding onto with the same conviction you would a child to keep her from being swept into a rushing river. A conviction that comes from gut purpose, and a clear understanding of what drives hope in you.

We so often look outside ourselves, desperate for inspiration—a sign, a miracle. Finding hope is an inside job. When you feel lost and hopeless, rather than focus on the outside crisis—zoom in.

Transform the moment by zooming off of you and into what drives the hope within you. And that can be found in who, and what, you love and cherish deeply. This will serve to refocus and fuel your dream, and to fan that dying flame of hope into a roaring fire once more.

The equation for conquering hopelessness is:

Hope = Active decision

Victor Frankl wrote about the power of love and purpose as a common denominator for many who would survive the Nazi death camps. Their all-consuming passion, love, and a drive to survive—to fulfill their destiny—filled them with an unquenchable desire to live. And they did.

To the hopeless:
You are not alone. Zoom in. Toughen up. Make the bold, brave decision to dig in and believe in your destiny.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, with trademark grit, “When you think you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

How does one muster that cry for courage? to find the juice to keep on daring to dream the dream? to believe with unwavering faith that your reinvention is at hand? your second chance possible? That you will not just get through—that you will triumph.

The answer resides within you, derived from everything you hold dear. It defines you. Grasp this poetry of the soul, and you will find the hope you need to dream your biggest dream and never let go—even in the darkest hour. In fact, it is in the depths of despair that hope offers the greatest opportunity to feel her fire. Opening you up to who you really are, and what fuels the core essence of your being.

Having hope is an active, decisive mindset etched into every single moment. No matter the haze and fog that clouds your vision, hope’s laser cuts through, never losing sight of her shimmering stars.

Hope is your choice over fear. A declaration to believe in the dream and silence the doomsayers. It’s a battle for the possible, a noble duel of the spirit to slay the dragons of despair that confront you.

Take a warrior’s stand. Make a choice to build your life on a grand and royal foundation. A foundation of hope, and the belief that you will fulfill your destiny—all you are born to be. Because you choose to empower that belief with every decision, every second of every day. Where our greatest opportunity for happiness is realized.

Like hope, joy is also a decision. A decision to live out loud and be who we are in all our unique expression.

Who we really are is based on values we choose to live by, such as believing in the possible, believing in the goodness of others, and believing in the power of love.

When we make the decision to passionately pursue our greatest purpose, we become the hope in our lives and manifest her greatest dreams, because we refuse to consider any other possibility. As Henry James put it, “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.”

The light energy and phenomenal force of hope encircles our being, heightens our energy, and draws near the positively positive.

Giselle Fernandez is a five-time Emmy® Award-winning journalist, producer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.