‘Tis the season!

There is a hectic nature to this time of year. We get caught up in the parties, the end-of-the-year business deals, and put off buying presents and sending holiday cards to the last minute. Myself, I move at such a fast pace, it becomes difficult to stop and take a breath, let alone take time to get in rhythm with what this season is all about—being with the people you love and who love you.

In the media there are myriad images telling you what you need, and what a “perfect” holiday season is all about. Many of us compare ourselves to the Joneses, or think we need to be perfect, or have to buy this or get that. But what makes a great holiday? For most of us, it is about peace and love. Yet we run around creating the exact opposite.

I have a challenge for you this holiday: Take some time between now and New Year’s and get into the silence. Reflect on where you have been and where you are going. Instead of running around trying to get everything done, or going-going-going, why not ask yourself, “Is it really important that I rush through this time of year? Is all this stress really my priority?”

Many of us spend so much time making our to-do lists. This year, take some time and listen to your own voice by getting into the silence. Create some space for yourself and listen. Maybe in that silence you can ask yourself some questions and explore your choices and what you want. This can give you clarity to who you are and shape your 2012.

I challenge you this holiday season to move from the “doing” to the “being” part of you. I am not saying, stop everything and not do your life. What I am saying is create moments, a space for you to still your mind, get silent, and move into your spirit. It’s in the quietness that we can connect to what matters. It’s in the quietness that our soul talks to us. It’s in the quietness that we don’t just hear—but we can listen. It’s in the quietness that we can connect to our truth.

Take the time. Give to you. Get into the silence.

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