“Positive In, Negative Out”

I am now in Toronto for the last leg of a three-city tour with Oprah for Oprah’s Lifeclass: The Tour.

One of my mottos is “positive in, negative out.” I actually do a breathing exercise in which I breathe in “positive” and breathe out “negative.” I feel how we feed our minds (TV, movies, what we read, what we think, etc.) is just as important as how we feed our bodies.

We have so many choices today as to what we allow in, much of which is negative. Everything we allow into our minds and bodies has the potential to move us forward and assist our growth. And if we are not moving forward, we are remaining stagnant or moving backwards. As a husband and father I truly want to live to my highest potential, therefore I am trying to be very conscious of what I watch, read, think, and say. Of course I’m open to a little “mindless” entertainment now and then—just not all the time.

The team at OWN/Harpo has been incredible. Oprah and her posse are pouring their hearts and souls into Lifeclass and more new programming. They are one-hundred percent committed to and passionate about creating content that empowers their viewers—that changes lives. It’s entertainment with a purpose.

If you, like me, also want to live to your highest potential, I personally challenge you to watch an episode of Lifeclass at least once. Try it on, take what fits and leave the rest. I can assure you, if you are a Positively Positive fan, you won’t regret it.

(I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below if you have seen any of the episodes. I will be responding to your comments.)

If you missed last week’s show, it was thought-provoking and inspiring. The theme was Living On Purpose featuring TD Jakes. In case you missed it, you can watch it ON DEMAND here.

“The worst thing about dying, is not living first.”―TD Jakes

“We need to be around people that make deposits and not just withdrawals.”―TD Jakes

“You cannot embrace your destiny if you do not let go of your history.”―TD Jakes

In New York, I caught up with Tony Robbins backstage. His presence is incredible. I felt an instant surge of energy when we shook hands. Check out this exclusive interview with Tony. We all know he is a very positive guy, but in the video below you will see he is also a “realistic optimist.”

“No matter how difficult the situation is, it won’t last forever. What follows the night is the day; what follows the winter is the spring.”―Tony Robbins

Tune in Monday night at 8/7c on OWNonline at Oprah.com, and on Facebook.com/OWNTV for the fourth episode. It will air LIVE from the Toronto Convention Center. This will be the biggest venue of the three, holding 8,500 people. Oprah and all of the Lifeclass teachers will be on stage: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, and TD Jakes. The discussion will be about Forgiveness: how to let go of the past and move on to the future. The group will provide tools to break free of the past and take control of the future.

Here are links to the first three episodes in case you missed them:




Featuring eye-opening discussions with superstar teachers on television, via the web, and in person.

Here is the full Lifeclass schedule and themes:

March 26 Stopping the Pain with Iyanla Vanzant
April 2 Living Fearlessly with Tony Robbins
April 9 Living On Purpose with T.D. Jakes
April 16 Forgiveness with Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, T.D. Jakes,  and Deepak Chopra
April 23 Spiritual Laws of Success with Deepak Chopra
April 30 Gratitude with Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, T.D. Jakes  and Deepak Chopra

Eric Handler is the co-founder of Positively Positive. He recently spoke at TEDx. Follow Eric on TWITTER