By: Farnoosh Brock

If there is one lesson I learned in watching my parents uproot us from our home in Iran to move first to Turkey and then to America, it’s that anything is possible if you are positive and refuse to give up.

Because it’s worth repeating: anything is possible if you are positive and refuse to give up.

So, be ridiculously positive and refuse to ever give up.

My parents embodied this resolve, even after trading in their comfortable lives in Iran for a world of challenges and unknowns in a place we had reluctantly started to call “home.”

Of course, I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation then. I was eleven and jazzed that we had moved to a new country where I would have a better school uniform and new friends.

Nevermind that I didn’t speak a word of Turkish OR English at the time! Nevermind that I would be a total misfit in this foreign culture! Problems, even of this magnitude, don’t seem to faze us at a young age. We just make a big deal out of them when we grow up and become serious adults.

Oh, the business of being a serious adult! It makes me wonder what would have happened in my life if I had kept that outlook of positivity all along, through the years, from the age of eleven until today?

Just imagine what we could accomplish every week, every month, and every year if we were exclusively positive? What could we bring to this world with our gifts if we never swayed from this state of complete faith and hope and trust?

The funny thing is that, in the end, things always work out, and all of your worries and anxieties are for naught.

Today, I want to make a pledge to be true to positivity. Will you join me?

I will give you a few compelling reasons why you should:

1. We can never predict what will go wrong, so stop predicting.

2. We can always solve problems if we stay focused and positive.

3. We can never do anything worthwhile with worry, so stop worrying.

4. We can always find answers if we believe and hope and search with the intention of arriving at answers.

5. We are never as alone as we fear, and we are always loved deeply by at least one other person. (Most likely, by many more.)

There is a great force out there that watches over you and me and protects us, and it is far more knowledgeable about all that goes on in this universe than we can ever be.

So trust that force!

Trust that life is going to turn out beautifully. Your only job is to be open to receiving that beauty. And the only way you can see and touch and bask in the beauty is if you are confident and positive and believe in it every single day of your life.
So, believe then. And keep believing, because something tells me this one is going to pay off abundantly.


“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them.”
Marcus Aurelius

Farnoosh Brock left a twleve-year career at a Fortune 100 Technology to start her own company, Prolific Living, Inc. Her free 21-step confidence-building series and motivation book empower you tap into your inner confidence and be your highest self. She is also crazy about yoga, world travel, a little bit of photography, and a lot of green juicing! Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

*Photo by Abri_Beluga.