One can hardly find a person who does not experience life problems from time to time. Want to know how to gain a positive attitude? Get our seven tips on positive thinking!

Having a bad mood sometimes is normal. Family problems, quarrels with loved ones, troubles at work, and lack of money are common reasons for melancholy and whining. But as soon as everything gets better, people become unrecognizable: a radiant smile, laughter, and fun accompany them everywhere.

Can a person overcome life difficulties without a pessimistic attitude? Can you program yourself for positive thinking? Today we will tell you how to gain a more optimistic view on life and give you the top seven tips from psychologists worldwide.

Look for the Positive Side

Most people push everything good away from themselves. When something doesn’t work out, a person thinks: “I’m a loser,” “everything failed again,” “I didn’t have to do this,” “I knew it wouldn’t work.” Instead, you need to look for the positive side of every situation. Start your business and go bankrupt? But you got the precious experience and know your downsides now. Finished a relationship with your loved one? You have experienced many positive moments together, and now you’re open to something even better!. Think like this – it hasn’t worked out now, but I have time to try. Next time it will work out. Remember that there are no easy ways, perfect relationships, and eternal life, so do not let negative thoughts rule you. Look for the positive side of every situation.

Forget the Guilt

Many people constantly blame themselves for something, and any little thing can become a reason for self-punishment. Thus, a person takes on an additional burden, which may turn out to be unbearable in the end. The result is a nervous breakdown, long treatment, and recovery. If a situation bothers you, you need to either solve it or forget about it altogether. Do not look into the past; do not blame yourself for past mistakes and actions. Focus on the present and the future. Try to find some positive attitude quotes for girls for inspiration.

Communicate with Optimists

No one has yet succeeded in becoming an optimist in a pessimistic environment. Your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives form your vision of the world. Therefore, try to communicate with optimistic people; they will allow you to catch the right wave, rethink your view of some things, and as a result – bring you positive attitude examples. It is all-natural. For example, if you move to a new country, you will begin to speak the local language over time, even without purposefully learning it. The same thing is with positive people – if they surround you, they will infect you with their energy and won’t allow you to think negatively.

Cheer up Every Day

Many of us are stuck in their houses right now. To maintain the degree of a positive attitude during quarantine, it is necessary to support it with movies, books, training, music. Do what you love! Allow yourself a little weakness after a working day. Motivate yourself with books and videos; it helps to maintain confidence.

Sports, music, meeting with friends (even video ones) are excellent positive attitude motivators and must be present in your life, especially now, when we all have more time. These attributes are necessary for every person, and the optimist uses them to the fullest.

Rest More

Work always entails stress, that’s why your body needs to recuperate. Even an ardent optimist needs a couple of days off a week. Otherwise, the positive attitude in the workplace will be destroyed by fatigue. Don’t blame yourself for being tired! Sometimes, we all need some rest so you can try to make small breaks during the working process.

You also need to pay attention to your sleep schedule. It is easier for the body to go to bed and get up at the same time, and the duration of sleep should be at least eight hours.

Value Your Life

In the constant routine, every day seems like the previous one: home-work-home. During the quarantine, it can be even worse. Dullness and monotony depress and do not allow people to enjoy every moment of life. To overcome this feeling, psychologists suggest adding variety to your life and creating some positive attitude yourself. Every day we spend two to five hours on the Internet, on the sofa, and watching TV shows that usually isn’t connected with a person with positive emotions. But don’t blame yourself for doing it, if this brings you pleasure and peace of mind.

Believe in Yourself

Self-confident people cannot be pessimists since any task is feasible; they see ways to solve it. This attitude allows you to succeed, and in case of failure, it helps draw conclusions and not repeat mistakes in the future. A positive attitude uses self-confidence as the key to success.

If you feel competent in any issue, then no doubts will hit your plans. For example, we all know that two times two is four. Imagine that someone tried to convince you that two times two is five, how would you react? You will be sure of the answer and will not listen to the opinions of other people. That is why confidence is the key to success.

Why do You Need to Stay Positive?

No one can hide from problems and unpleasant situations and get rid of them. Optimists, just like pessimists, are not immune to stressful situations and depression.

But psychologists say there is a remarkable difference in the progress of the therapy process for patients with a positive and negative attitude. As one may expect, for optimists, everything goes better and more calmly because they live believing that life is full of possibilities, and you need to seize all of them. Their desire to love life, belief in a good outcome in the worst situations, and setting the right life guidelines help them in every situation.

To completely pull you over to the side of the positive attitude, here are some interesting facts.

  • Optimists live seven to ten years longer. Pessimists are more likely to be exposed to stress, and therefore to all the resulting disorders.
  • Optimists have strong immunity, rarely get sick, and recover much faster than pessimists. This happens because optimists are more likely to go in for sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Seven out of ten people with cardiovascular disease are pessimists.


A positive attitude is not innate. Absolutely everyone can master it. This approach to life, in general, ensures good health, happy relationships, and self-love. It seems that such a result is worth working on yourself.

The world overwhelmed with negativity needs optimists, so look at life from the other side, smile, and leave the company of pessimists today.

Do you agree with our “positive recipe”? What is your positive attitude list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Sherry Kimball is a consultant and has been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the Dating Mentor. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles, Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.




Image courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio.