By Mallika Chopra

I have to admit, the happiest person in my house right now may just be me. Just the thought of school starting next week brings a smile to my face—oh, how wonderful it will be!

Yes, it has been a great summer for my kids. A variety of camps and life experiences—from theater to Lego robotics to writing camp, a wonderful trip to Italy, and a lot of play dates, swimming, and relaxation. I have to admit that we had a very special summer. And, I had a great summer hanging out with my girls, watching them grow, and making some wonderful memories that will last our lifetime.

But, it has also been a summer of driving two kids to different activities at different times on different sides of town, trying to work in between pick ups and drop offs, and realizing that the idea of those wonderful lazy days at home are actually full of questions like “Can we do something,” “I’m bored,” “Can someone come over.” My attempt at getting my girls to regularly do some math homework or complete their reading list has been a total failure. Yes, we are scrambling these last few days to finish the homework packets. My admiration for teachers is truly awe-inspiring.

So, next Tuesday is finally back to school. Drop off at 8:00 am, pick up at 3:00 pm. I have been in planning mode. Have the Fall planned out, everything organized. I got so into the idea of an organized life that I am even planning our travel for next year!

And, I can finally get back into fully working. I’ve planned lunches with friends. I am going to start exercising. My intents are endless and full of enthusiasm. In fact, I have to say I feel more motivated than I do on January first.

To get into the mode of going back to school, my daughter Tara and I pulled together a “Back To School” playlist of our favorite videos. Some of these are whimsical, others intellectual, and don’t miss the last one—my favorite choir from PS22.


How does back to school make you feel? Your kids? Does summer throw your schedule for a loop? A good loop?

Cheers everyone! Here’s to a great school year!!

Mallika Chopra is Tara and Leela’s mom. She’s written two books inspired by them—100 Promises to My Baby and 100 Questions from Her Child. She started Intent to realize her personal intention to connect with others by sharing and listening to each others stories.

*Photo by o5com.