By Dr. F. Emelia Sam

An evolutionary is someone who is on a quest for personal growth.

We consistently reach for our potential despite the discomfort we may encounter. Since it’s not an easy feat, it helps to have some general guidelines to remind us of why we have chosen to walk this path.

10 Essential Characteristics that Define the Evolutionary’s Course

1. Commit to Growth

I pledge to make growth my number one priority. In pursuing the constant unfolding of my being, I am destined to create and experience the highest good.

2. Release Expectations

I release my unfair expectations of others. It is my responsibility to determine what is acceptable within my relationships. Though I can communicate my preferences, it is not my place to demand that others fit within this sphere.

3. Seek Truth

I greet the truth willingly. I understand it is the only way to move through life and experience it as it is meant to be. I am prepared to make the truth my ally.

4. Be Accountable

I am accountable for all of my actions. I realize that to place responsibility elsewhere is to forfeit my divine given power.

5. Listen to Intuition

I appreciate that little voice representing Divine perspective. I promise to listen to the whispers of guidance that have been provided to aid me on my journey.

6. Exhibit Gratitude

I consistently thank the Universe for all that has been graciously given to me. I move with awareness, noticing the everyday miracles that surround me. I take nothing for granted.

7. Embrace Change

I am open to the dynamic nature of life. I freely release the past and live in the present moment. I view the unknown as an adventure and not a threat. I happily welcome the mystery of life.

8. Practice Solitude

I observe the importance of solitude. I consciously make time for it everyday in order to strengthen my connection to Divine energy.

9. Respect Self

I value the being that I am on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. I exercise patience with myself and never disregard my inherent greatness through word or action.

10. Express Authenticity

I am compelled to show up in the world as my true self. I welcome my unique nature and understand that it fits into the puzzle of humanity, presenting an essential part of the big picture. It is my duty to unapologetically be me.

Will you take the pledge?

Dr. F. Emelia Sam is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, writer, speaker, educator, change agent, and work in progress living in the Washington, DC area. Though she has been in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery for the past ten years, Dr. Sam felt the pull to fully embrace her underlying passion to write. Still involved in the world of academia, she finds balance in maintaining creative pursuits with her main interests being the fields of spirituality and personal growth. She is the author of I Haven’t Found Myself but I’m Still Looking and How to Create the Life You Really Want: 20 Small Strategies for Big Changes. For more, visit her website.

*Photo by Bart van de Biezen.