For those who do not believe in the power of manifestation, visualization, or intention, I would like to share a story with you to clearly demonstrate the power of them all. And I’ll also affirm that what we think, we truly create (so choose your thoughts wisely).

Four years ago, I had the television on in my house, more so as background noise than anything else, and something struck me as I heard Robert Kiyosaki’s voice explaining the difference between his “rich dad” and his “poor dad” on his Rich Dad, Poor Dad PBS Special. I stopped what I was doing and sat down to take it all in. I had read most of his books, but there was something more entertaining about watching him speak his philosophies than reading about them.

I had my first book coming out at that time, and I thought to myself, “His book sales must sky rocket when he is doing this because he is bringing his book to life—what a powerful platform.”

As someone who loves public speaking and completely understands the power of television to expand one’s reach, I declared to the universe that day that I wanted to have my own PBS Special.

I clearly had the image of me standing on stage and how it would feel. Something within me made that declaration, without doubt and with full intention to execute that vision someday to provide a larger megaphone for my message. The only problem was, I really had no idea what my message was going to be or how on earth I would go about making this dream a reality. But I firmly believed it was something that could happen. Shortly after that clear intention moment, my twins, who were four years old at the time, came running into the room, and as quickly as the thought came in, it was just as quickly released into the universe. And I resumed life as normal.

I did nothing to directly pursue that dream I put into motion that day. However, I did do what I needed to do, indirectly, to make that dream happen. I was committed to being the best person I could be everyday. I was committed to letting go of every self-limiting belief I had. I was committed to looking in the mirror and calling out every fear or negative thought that would hold me back. And, most importantly, I was committed to becoming the greatest version of myself so that, with all the lessons I learned, I could teach others and awaken their souls to find their purpose and live to their greatest potential.

Three years after that moment, I received a random phone call from a man who had gotten my name from someone I knew. The man on the phone introduced himself as a producer for PBS.

He told me he was looking for a “female Wayne Dyer meets Robert Kiyosaki” for their next PBS Special and heard that I fit that bill. As a side note: that analogy basically means a female thought leader who can speak the spiritual language in a mainstream way and incorporate tactical skills so that people can execute new strategies in their life. Someone that not only inspires others but also teaches the steps needed to take action.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited and flipping out on the phone with this producer who didn’t even know me! I explained to him quickly what I had manifested three years before. He was laughing and said to me, “Well, you did a really good job manifesting because I am actually the man who produced Robert’s show.” I laughed in the moment, but after I got off of the call, I sat for a long time in amazement. I was amazed at something that I had known all along, but every time this type of “miracle moment” happens, I truly sit in awe and gratitude.

I was blessed back in 2000 to meet my mentor, Bob Proctor, who led me to understand the incredible laws of the universe and introduced me to many other amazing mentors. I learned from every one of them, over and over again, about how our thoughts create our reality. I understood, believed, and instantly began de-programming thought patterns that I knew held me back. And then I re-programmed with more positive, empowered thought processes. The Secret became an enormous hit years after I began that journey, and millions were sharing in the lessons I had already put into practice. Yet, I still see so much doubt and skepticism regardless of all we have learned and so many have proven. Even with Quantum Physics to back up the theory, there are still doubters.

Real questions remain for so many: “How does one really harness their dreams?” and “Why do some people seem to have so much more success in manifestation than others?”

As someone who has wholeheartedly created the reality in which I live in today, I want to share with you what I believe truly makes the difference.

1. When you visualize your desire, you must feel what that moment feels like. The power from visualization is harnessed in the “feeling” not in the “thinking.”

2. You must believe you are worth having what you desire. Even if you have no idea how that dream will become a reality, you must wholeheartedly believe you can make it happen.

3. You must commit on a daily basis to be the best version of yourself possible.  Constantly make choices from the highest integrity while eradicating all self-limiting beliefs and negative thought processes. I call this “keeping a clear channel,” and I use an analogy with plumbing. If your drains are clogged, it slows down the movement of water (energy). The clearer they are, the faster the flow. The clearer our energy is and the less emotional “sludge” we have, the faster we can manifest our desires.

4. Get clear in your intentions. Why are you here? Why do you do what you do? Why do you want what you want? The clearer you can become in who you are, the clearer you can become in your authentic intentions, and the more clarity you will have in every decision you make in life. I believe we are all here to inspire and empower each other in one way or another. How we do it is what makes us unique. And our uniqueness is our power. My belief is that when our intentions are to serve the greater good, they become much more powerful.

5. Be willing to ride the waves. There will be many tests along your journey of self-transformation and expansion. The tests are there for your growth to test how bad you want it and how important it really is to you. Learning to trust in the process will allow you to tap into the ability to live in a consistent space of great inner peace.

I am beyond thrilled to say I am finally launching my PBS Special today. It’s called EMPOWERED: Keys to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential.

Trust me, it wasn’t smooth sailing to get here. There were many speed bumps and obstacles, but I knew my “why” and was clear in my intentions. But since my intentions were fueled with a greater purpose to serve others rather than my own personal goals, those obstacles just become little lessons along the way. They allowed me to choose between becoming a victim or becoming empowered to live to my greatest potential for myself and for others. It’s the choice we are all given—in every moment, of every day.

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