How many opportunities in every breath do you have to make a choice? How long does it take you to take a breath? Average is fifteen breaths per minute.

How many seconds in a minute? Sixty.

How many times does fifteen go into sixty — four times so four seconds per breath . . . how many thousands per breath . . .? How many thoughts per blink of the eye? Seven thoughts per blink of the eye and the eye can blink and point one fourth of a second and that means that there are seven of those in a second so that means that there are seven thousand, yes?

Thousands per blink of the eye, seven blinks of the eye per second and not that you are doing that but that’s how fast your eye blinks.

So seven thousand thoughts per second and you have four seconds per breath so how many thoughts per breath? Twenty-eight thousand.

How many do you remember?

Do you ever walk into a room and once you get there you go, why am I here? @gurusinghdaily (Click to Tweet!)

You had an intention to go to that room so you go to that room and get there and look around and go, why am I here? It’s called data overload. You have so much data being processed in your brain that you’re overloaded and you lose some bits.

How do you connect with those twenty-eight thousand? I don’t think you’re going to be able to scramble through them all. A panic attack is a pure attempt to chase down all twenty-eight thousand and it becomes so emotionally painful that the physical body gets involved in the pain.

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