Did you know that you can design the moment just like you can cook your own meal? You can make it really salty, really spicy, really sweet, really sour or really neutral.

You can cook the books. @gurusinghdaily (Click to Tweet!)

Knowing that you can cook the books is the first step. Maintaining that knowledge is the second step, because when you know… all children know it’s up to them.

Education is the process of telling them that it’s not. Don’t touch that? Why? because I said so. That presumes that there is someone that has more authority than you and even though it might have been a good thing, the answer wasn’t the whole thing. So the answer has then installed in that child the construct of time that there is something else outside their own performance that is dictating what their performance is… be it good, be it bad, be it this or that.

We all, every single human being suffers from this syndrome because we are all accessing the same collective human consciousness.

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