Sometimes I think I miss a lot.

My hearing loss seems to be getting more profound by the year (or day.) I perceive these losses as missing, perhaps never to be found-parts of conversation, someone’s name, a pertinent part of the story. Sometimes I try and locate the missing items, “What?” “Sorry?” “What did you just say?”

Other times, I just sit back and watch because it’s exhausting keeping up. I have become a master at observing nuance, watching mouths make their various shapes and deciphering what those shapes mean, and body language. I mean, what else can I do when my godamned ears fail me?

Sometimes this: I think about how much is wasted with words.

I love words. Obviously.

But how about this – a guy comes to my class. Quiet and serious in the front row. A beautiful man, maybe thirty, if that. The theme that particular night was “paying attention.” My Manifestation Yoga® class always has a theme.

He took his time in between poses, often coming into child’s pose. At one point, he put a towel up to his face and held it there for a few minutes, burying his eyes.

I asked him if he was alright. He said Yes, I am alright.

After class, I saw him on the bench outside the studio, staring into space. I sat down next to him to put my sneakers on. I felt his shoulders move. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw his shoulders move up and down.

I turned to him and asked if I could hug him.

He said yes.

I didn’t know his name. (I still don’t.)

He wept in my arms, shoulders heaving there like that for what felt like ages but was probably two minutes. Two minutes is a long time when a stranger is weeping in your arms on a red bench in a hallway.

I would’ve stayed longer.

He finally stopped crying and pulled away.

Thank you, he said.

So like that, that situation, words – useless. Besides thank you and can I give you a hug? – what needed to be said?

What did I miss with my hearing loss?

This is what you are missing: NOTHING. @JenPastiloff (Click to Tweet!)

I hope he’s feeling better. I really do. I hope I see him again.

That was two weeks ago but he spoke louder to me than anyone has in a while.

My class yesterday was on self-love. I told the class it was “self-love” not the other SL: Self-Loathing, which can be a full time job in and of itself.

So much self-loathing over feeling stupid at not being able to hear. But then. I remember that guy and the red bench and I’m all: it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

We’re going to be okay.


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