If you are a super conscious human being and you are looking around and there are all those ones who are attached to the temporal and they are going in first grade, this might explain why if you look around this world, do you think that people don’t understand?

Can you get it through your consciousness that the answer to that question is absolutely no?

Did you stand up in high school or college, walk by the elementary school and go, what’s the matter with you kids? Why haven’t you graduated from high school yet? Would you ever do that? They would put you away for stalking elementary kids. Of course you don’t do that because it’s simple, the identification is obvious to your eyes. That is because it’s all about measurement, size, they’re littler.

But what if your perception was more advanced than that and you just didn’t know size, but you could understand depth. That is what the word language means. Lang means length or depth and guage means gage. Yogi Bhajan taught us to listen to forty words and in forty words you can understand who a person is. Not just by the words they use but by the tones in which they deliver those words. It’s called clairaudience. It’s like clairvoyance but clairvoyance is this thing where you think you have visions or something. It’s just a clearer way of hearing. This is the next evolution.

Something inside of you wants to hear this, wants to relate to this because this something inside of you wants to know that there is something more than what you have been shown.

Isn’t what we are being shown in today’s twenty-first century pretty primitive?

If you don’t begin to merge, begin to expand your perception, begin to reduce the tension of your perception, the friction of your perception, the pressure of your perception, the stress of your perception, if you do not stop that then you distort your vision…your perception and you will not experience the experience. You will not experience what is taking place and therefore, in the absence of that experience of the experience you will begin to design concepts as to what is taking place. You will make up stories that have nothing to do with what is happening.

The Buddha said it best: “When translated assumption is a lie.” @gurusinghdaily
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Most people have an assumption and say, it’s my intuition. That is exactly like the little kid on its tricycle with the red hat on its head turned backwards rolling down the street going, I am a fireman. Everyone in the neighborhood goes, yes you are and the myth continues. So you have this assumption and you say: my intuition is telling me…Everyone around you who is as stupid as you are say ”oh wow.” And the myth continues.

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