Liberation is the freedom from being condemned and confined by the illusion of what the five senses deliver, what the five senses present represent and then take away.

The whole path of non-attachment is the path that leads you to the ultimate non-attachment, which is when everything except for your consciousness is removed from you at the moment that we refer to as death.

When you are steering too far towards attachment events will take place in order for you to be beckoned back toward the middle path. It is the stress and the tension of being on a little path, off center, that we experience in life as events that would involve no path if you were at your center, if you were connected.

As the Buddha said: ”Resistance is suffering.” via @gurusinghdaily (Click to Tweet!)

Which means that the more you strike your identity, the less you are connected with anything else and the less you are connected to anything else, the more painful your existence is. Over centuries, millennia, we have developed ways of compensating for this pain and perhaps nothing more profound than the way we compensate for it in today’s world. There are so many ways in which we can compensate for this pain rather than face the pain, rather than work with the pain, rather than deal with the pain.

Today’s blog is meant to remove your grip, to loosen the attachment to anything that makes sense.

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