There is nothing to seek, happiness exists in every cell of your body. @gurusinghdaily
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An animal seeks pleasure and safety, but a human delivers happiness with consciousness.

Liberation means that you liberate yourself from all attachments. The micro attachments are the hardest to define. Each moment is made up of an assemblage of micro attachments that give you your view of the moment. From moment to moment you see it through the view that is collected in your filter and much of your filter is an attachment filtration that comes from your DNA, your reincarnations and your life experiences. So life goes on and every once in a while you wake up and realize you want to change things. Then you go back to sleep, you live for a few more weeks or months and then you wake up again and go, wow, I want to change things and you maybe stay awake on that concept for a while and you try a particular tool.

Then you find that that tool actually isn’t making the change that you want. At least that is your perception and so you then give up that tool and you go on. You love exactly what is going on in your world. I remember once Yogi Bhajan saying: “I love my weaknesses otherwise I wouldn’t have them.”

The reality is that you actually love your life exactly as it is. And because, even though you whine and complain and say “I wish it was different,” you don’t allow it to be different because different is unfamiliar. Unfamiliar is scarier than the discomfort that you feel with the familiar.

Liberation is to relieve your Self of that.

Liberation is to get back in touch with the way life is and be satisfied with the way it is while maintaining a vision of where you want to go to.

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