What have you eaten today? Was it easy to digest? How did it benefit you? Did you make a conscious decision to fill your plate (and mind) with nourishment?

There is a undeniable link between what we consume literally and what we are then inspired to consume figuratively. When we care about our physical consumption we soon find that we want to feed our mind with stimuli that is beneficial for our overall wellbeing.

Many people have fallen into the habit of getting home and instantly turning on their TV. They don’t necessarily know what’s going to be broadcast but they allow whatever is on to flood into their home. Instead of making a conscious decision to be inspired by shows or documentaries that are positive as well as informative, many of us just tune in and soak it all up.

It’s one thing to stay informed or to enjoy some switch off time but when the scales tip in the balance of negativity and violence then perhaps it’s time to reconsider what you want to taste.

Food for thought – would you still want that beautiful bowl of strawberries if they’d been tossed around in vile toxins and soaked in poison? Probably not. So why let the media serve you up a meal that’s been sprinkled with fear and topped with terror?

When we spend our time filling up on bad news we have less opportunity to nourish our souls with the fuel that we truly crave. For me a happy heart stems from reading, writing, photography, spending time with animals and staying connected to my friends and family. That’s my soul food right there. I also love eating unprocessed natural foods wherever possible. When I keep my body healthy and my mind fuelled with inspiring media sources then my soul feels far more balanced.

A key thing to remember here is that my soul food might be different to yours.

We are all unique and it’s not a case of one food feeds all. @SkylarLiberty
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For instance, I have no specific interest in running but for another person this may be a key element of what makes them feel alive. The important thing is that each of us nurtures ourselves and that we make choices to support our minds and bodies so that they are able to truly thrive.

Next time you turn on your TV or you scroll through your news feed take a moment to really consider what you are consuming.

Is it violent? Is it ethical? Is it sustainable? 

The media only generates what the public demonstrates they have a thirst for. If we keep swallowing toxic, mass produced garbage that has no nutritional value then we simply become part of the problem. We then find ourselves repeating and sharing bad press and negative energy and so the cycle continues.

Consider for a moment that everything is connected. Everything. Every action has a cause and an effect. What we say and what we do matters. What we share and what we participate in makes a difference. If we savour bad food and noxious press then we are contributing to an environment that many of us profess to hate, yet we cannot see that our actions play a part.

Use the energy that you save from mindlessness to direct towards matters you really care about, things you have a passion for. Your body and mind will wholeheartedly thank you and you’ll be promoting a culture that is healthier and happier.

I’d love to hear about your soul food. How do you feed your body and mind? Post below and share the nourishing love! 

Skylar Liberty Rose is a big believer in the healing power of creativity and the freedom found in living your truth. She is a writer, blogger and street photographer and believes in manifesting dreams through action and visualisation. Skylar is an advocate of stripping away layers of conditioning and instead discovering the person you are truly meant to be. She is inspired by souls with spirit and courageous hearts. Skylar grew up in London, and now lives with her husband in New York City. You can follow her on TwitterFB, and her blog.

Featured image courtesy of Leon Cato. Image in blog post courtesy of Arti Sandhu.