When I was just four years old, before I had ever seen a turntable or touched a piece of vinyl, I told my mother that “I was going to travel the world, and make people happy with my music.”

I made that declaration knowing deep down inside that music was in my veins. I knew this because I listened to James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Bach, Beethoven, Michael Jackson, Mozart, Janet Jackson, and other brilliant names in music when I was a baby. I also knew because my mom would tell me “When I was pregnant with you and we played music for you, you would kick to the beat” and “When you were just born and you started crying for your first time, your dad would put on Bach and you stopped crying and turned to the music.”

I started deejaying at five years old. My mom’s friend opened a DJ school and that’s where I got my start – at DubSpot. Why do I like music? Well, it’s a complicated feeling. I love that there is a groove, music pulls us together. Music makes the world go round. Music gives you energy and lifts you up. Some people will  put on a playlist but a deejay is more than just a person playing songs. He reads the crowd. A DJ is sensitive to the mood of a group of people. A DJ dictates the mood and infects the people with joy. Music can be enjoyed by everyone.

There would be something missing from inside if we didn’t have music. @FulanosWorld (Click to Tweet!)

Music could make people more compassionate and confident because of the way it makes you feel. My perfect world would be a a world full of melodic sounds and fun. You would have a soundtrack for your life, wherever you go there would be music playing, sort of like a score for your own film that is your very own life. There would be deejays and singers on street corners and people beatboxing.

What thoughts are going through my mind when I layer music, make a beat, or remix songs – I wonder if it’s going to affect people. Will people listen to this when they are going to school or work, when they are doing chores, when they’re on the subway. That’s what really matters. Will it make them happy?

I use music in my deejaying to inspire people and for adults to say “Wow, honey this brings me back to 1978” and for people to have a good time when they hear me. I deejay for charities and I deejay for kids with cancer and I like giving to the world with my music.

Part of my journey has been about believing in my dream and having big goals and aspirations. On January 1st, 2012 I made a vision board– a poster that contains your wildest dreams and goals in the form of images. On it I wrote “I want to deejay at Madison Square Garden and for the President of the united states” and on March 3rd in that same year I deejayed at Madison Square garden for the New York Knicks, and on March 4th, I was deejaying for former President Bill Clinton and he named me “the nine year old wonder.”

When you imagine something so clearly it becomes a vision, and your vision becomes your hope, your self encouragement, your belief, and ultimately your reality.

Also having the support of a mentor is so important, someone who can help advance you in your talents and who you can look up to. For me that person is DJ Cassidy. Music was there for me, it was something I was always drawn to and I took it and put lots of smiles on peoples faces, and lots of people dancing and thats what makes me happy. That’s what my world imagined looks like and sounds like.

Imagine a world with people playing music and instruments on street corners everywhere you go. Imagine music in schools not just to learn but to inspire our learning.

Deejaying helps with a lot of things like: hand eye coordination, self-confidence and knowing what people will want to hear. When I deejay I boost my self confidence by pretending I am in my room practicing all by myself and take in deep breaths. I never say no because if you try and make an effort and if you believe in your self you can do fascinating things. Also never give up and don’t get nervous because you have a gift and its all about self confidence. Beats in music is like an unspoken language. When we unify ourselves to make a beat, we come together to join forces to make a sound, that’s what my world imagined sounds like. My world imagined is a world of peace and using music as a pathway to peace, that is my world imagined.

DJ Fulano is an eleven year old, sixth-grader, from NYC and an accomplished DJ. Fulano has deejayed around the country for a truly diverse list of clients from the worlds of fashion, television, art, sports and beyond. Clients include Gap, Bill Clinton, Diane Von Furstenberg, American Eagle, Old Navy, Reebok, Happy Socks, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, CNN, The Andy Warhol Foundation, The New York Knicks, Madison Square Garden, The Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, Flips Audio, Morgan Stanley and more – starting at the tender age of eight. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and had spoken at the United Nations about business, following your dreams, and music. You can follow DJ on Twitter, FB or Instagram and visit his website.