I believe we all crave Freedom, Joy and Happiness, which includes BEING Positive. Yet many of us struggle on how to access those qualities which are our birthright. We want out of confusion, doubt and fear and often do not know how to get there.

Here is one way simple way I allowed positivity to take over (in a good way) my life. It worked for me and I believe it can work for you too.

A BIG part of my healing from years of self-abuse, addictions and eating disorders was to teach myself how to be positive

Now don’t get me wrong. I could rally with clans of negative nellies, discussing all that is wrong in my life and in this world and what is the point of that? Isn’t it healthier for you to focus on what is working in your life and in your world, rather than what is not?

I found my way to positivity by doing what was suggested to me and that is why I sharing these positive affirmations with you as well.

I read these powerful affirmations every day, often two-three times a day (I carried them with me) for many years.

The power in these statements helped my mind shift from pain to power. @laurafenamore (Click to Tweet!)

From hopelessness to possibility and to positivity. These words instructed my life. The more I read them, the better I felt. I internalized and I believe they saturated my cells every time I read them. I hope they do the same for you.


Affirmations to Heal Your Life 

♡ I am the master of my life, free to create anything I desire.

♡ I am whole and complete, perfect the way I am.

♡ I am radiantly beautiful, powerful and joyous.

♡ I love my body and take care of it every day the best I can.

♡ My business and contribution performs a valuable service for all and grows more prosperous, satisfying and successful every day.

♡ I handle power wisely, managing people and affairs with great effectiveness.

♡ All barriers to my success are now dissolved, and I am effortlessly making my dreams come true.

♡ Everything in my life is absolutely perfect the way it is.

♡ Endless good now comes to me in endless ways.

♡ Everything in the Universe, visible and invisible, is working to bring to me my own.

♡ Rhythm, harmony and balance are now established in my mind, body and affairs.

♡ The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definite, concrete experiences leading to my heart’s desire.

♡ My good now flows to me in a steady, unbroken, ever-increasing stream of success, happiness and abundance.

♡ All that is mine by divine right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.

♡ I am harmonious, happy, radiant, detached from the tyranny of fear.

♡ I give thanks for my permanent happiness, my permanent health, my permanent wealth, my permanent love.

♡ I am at peace with myself and the whole world. I love everyone, and everyone loves me.

♡ I am always under divine inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.

♡ Nothing is too good to be true; nothing is too wonderful to happen; nothing is too good to last.


Which one is your favorite?

And what about it feels so important?

Please comment below.

Laura Fenamore, Body Image Expert, Coach and acclaimed Author is on a mission to help women around the world end the constant battle with their bodies and start adoring who they see in the mirror. Her approach walks students and readers through the heartfelt journey to self-love at any size or age by unlocking the secrets to a lifetime of emotional, physical and spiritual health. After overcoming a lifelong battle with addiction, obesity, and eating disorders, Laura released 100 pounds – keeping it off for more than 28 years. She chronicles this journey to self-love and health in her widely acclaimed book, Skinny, Fat, Perfect: Love Who You See in the Mirror. Learn more about Laura’s programs, or invite her to speak by visiting SkinnyFatPertect.com.