A brief dissection on what it means to lead with ideas. 

Our opinions are only so valid as our ability to show up.

To do the work. Inside and out.

To say something and mean it, with every fiber of your being.

To speak with compassion. To tread with grace.

To check yourself before your wreck yourself.

The internet and social media make it possible for everyone to have an opinion; whether it’s valid, heart-centered, or high vibe is irrelevant to one’s ability to download an app and make the world one percent dumber, smarter, or less caring by what they shared.

We hold the responsibility of impact.

And I think we’re insulated by our willingness to commit and thus find like-minded warriors who are doing the work, showing up every damn day, and spotting kindred spirits amongst the ranks.

Because the war is really with yourself.

The war is really with your ability to believe that you have a right to speak. That you have a right and the ability to make a difference. That someone, anyone, will listen when you stand up and say what’s weighing on your heart.

Whether that’s on a blog, on stage at a comedy club, or in talks with your friends.

I don’t question if it’s safe for me to speak when I view it as necessary. I do question if the world is a better place for me having shared my voice. And sometimes, silence is a powerful message indeed.

If I focus on safe, I muddle my words. I hide the true message. I rob myself and others of a chance to be inspired.

To be lifted.

To see a new perspective.

This is why all oppressive regimes have sought to eliminate writers, artists, and free thinkers of all media forms.

Because they know the power we carry to shape our realities.

It’s those with no censor that concern me. The ones who preach from a place of entitlement, of all knowing, and that lack the humility that comes from compassion and the wisdom that comes from life experiences.

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Make it count.

Lalita Ballesteros is an artist/poet/comedian and Founder of viralalita studios. She makes words and ideas come alive with contagious laughter and iconic style. Once, on a really good day, her writing and comedy were compared to The Daily Show. Don’t join her culty newsletter The Giggles and don’t watch her barefoot TEDx. Obviously, yell nice things at her on Twitter & Instagram.  She likes that.



Image courtesy of Steve Halama.