Dear brothers and sisters,

I’m writing to you after what feels like an eternity of relative silence on my part. After many fruitful and promising seasons of all forms of creative expression and sharing my voice through music, writing, and more, I entered a long, cold, indefinite winter.

There were certainly moments of expression, little bursts and glimpses of the flow that seemed to have departed. There was also much surrender to the valleys and ebb of it all, and to the unfolding of all the life experiences that were fashioning me for this moment, this time, here and now.

In the past few years and several months, our world has changed significantly and it is clear that there are currently massive waves of awakening and healing taking place on a planetary level. This includes the great surges of conflict, violence, tragedy, fear, pain, and darkness that we are seeing more and more, coming to the surface to be faced, healed and cleansed.

In the face of these, I have found myself confronted with fundamental questions about my life’s work, my purpose and part to play in bringing forth the solution and shaping the world I wish to see. I’ve been forced to ask myself whether the path I once committed to, of being an artist, is still relevant and true for me.

I’ve questioned whether the practice and sharing of my crafts could really make any difference given the magnitude of challenges facing us, given the degree of pain and suffering in our current world. I began to really dig deep in search of a WHY worthy of my unequivocal commitment that could guide my way forward, for a call to action that could stand up to the height of the order before me and us.

Why make music? Why write? Why share my voice and my perspective? Why does it matter? What difference can I really make? What’s the point? Do I even want to be here and live in this world we are in?

Well, after much letting go, surrendering, and releasing my attachment to previously held ideas of who I was, what I want to do with my life, and what the fulfillment of that purpose would look like, and with a willingness to really LISTEN, the answers began to arrive.

What is now more clear than ever is that my deepest and purest desire is to be a force for Good in this world, to help reduce the amount of pain and suffering on the planet by helping as many people as possible to ALCHEMIZE and be FREE from their pain, and to use that transmuted “stuff” as fuel for creating more goodness so that it can ripple outward, and help to transform our planet, humanity and our collective consciousness one little bit at a time.

What is also emerging, one flash of insight and one glimpse at a time is a vision of what that actually looks like for me. Much to my delight, the answers that have come and the new inspiration that has arrived are bringing me right back to the heart of what I have always lived for and loved.

Music, songwriting, storytelling, writing, making art, creating.

But now it’s different. The reason WHY that’s fueling it all is crystal clear and it’s not so much about ME and MY dream anymore, although those still matter, it’s about something greater, it’s about US.

And now, through my willingness to own my gifts, to reconnect to my heart of hearts, and to practice my crafts, I’ve been able to directly experience their effect and cultivate a KNOWING that they are indeed my most powerful weapons of choice and the greatest contribution I can make.

Yes, it’s true. The things I’m INSPIRED to do and LOVE to do most are also the things that I MUST do, that I can no longer delay or put off. I must do them first and foremost because it’s a matter of my own survival, healing and well-being. I’m now certain that these are the tools and gifts I’ve been given to be able to navigate this human experience and the overwhelming challenges that come with it.

Even more importantly, I must do them now because now, the world needs me to do them in order for it to stand a chance at ever being whole and healed.

Yes… I can now affirm it without hesitation. Wholeheartedly and unequivocally.

ART IS that powerful. I AM that powerful. WE ARE that powerful. @ChrisAssaad (Click to Tweet!)

So here I am honoring the call for the first time in a very long time, and sharing this message with you, in that same spirit.

The only way out of the long winter and out of the darkness is for each and every one of us to bring forth the treasure and Light within us.

Every single voice matters. Everyone’s gifts are essential. YOUR participation is needed and it is a matter of life and death.

There are no exceptions now. There is no time to waste.  There’s no other way forward.

If you are reading this, then perhaps this is the call to action or confirmation you were needing to remind you of the importance of your part in it all.

Are you ready? Are you in?

Much love,


Chris Assaad is a singer-songwriter from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to follow his heART and his passion for music. Since then, Chris has been sharing his eclectic blend of soulful roots music across the globe and actively using his voice to enCOURAGE others to live a life they love. Chris is also a writer, storyteller and inspirational force and is known by some as the author of a written quote that was recently shared, liked, and reposted over a million times on social media. You can connect with Chris and hear music from his latest album, I Won’t Die, at We are also delighted to announce that the world premiere of the official video for Chris’ new song, All My Love, will be right here on Positively Positive on February 14th.

Image courtesy of JaneKe88.