Looking for good energy to surround you?

I know I am.

Sometimes we can’t control the world around us, but we can get some assistance from Mother Earth. I’m talking about Crystal energies!

If you aren’t hip on the crystal craze, you need to tune into my stone zone! As the founder of Crystal Junkie I specialize in teaching people how to use Crystals and Gemstones. “If you got a problem, I’ve got a stone 4 that! Crystals can help heal, adjust and balance your energy! I’m talking about your energy –  your total well-being. This includes your physical body and your energetic body, aka your aura. In science your aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body, approx. 4 ft. extended out from your physical body.

This is where we can sense and feel energy such as emotions from other people. Because those emotions are vibrational energy they are not seen, at first, we may not recognize them to be unbalancing, until we feel off.

It’s kinda like cell phone vibrational waves not seen but messages heard. Your aura we can feel and most cannot necessarily see the auras.

Our aura has layers that can collect debris, we need to clear and cleanse away this debris if it is negative, which can be vibrations from outside sources i.e. other people’s negative emotions.

Here are three crystals that will attract positive vibes into your life:

1. Cleanse your aura with Shungite

We  can cleanse our aura. Simply holding a black crystal called Shungite. Shungite can keep those negative vibes from smacking your aura, Shungite keeps you feeling “you,” rather than everyone else’s stuff!

Shungite is from Karelia, Russia and is used to release radiation and negative frequencies from cell phones and smart chips that invade our  bodies & auras but also protect our home space too! Shungite is used as purifier of water, and energy. It holds qualities that can reduce the aging process. This stone is amazing!

2. Attract positive vibes with Auralite 23

A gorgeous crystal named Auralite 23- is a magnitude of goodness. This stone is the Queen of crystals. This baby consists of 23 minerals that complete its vibrancy to be one of the highest that can bring in positivity. Auralite 23 is mined in Canada and forms gorgeous colors such as purple and red in its growth. It helps you heal on levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It brings inner guidance and keeps you balanced.



3. Attract LOVE with Rhodochrosite

Are you searching for love vibes?  All you need is to hold a Rhodocrosite gemstone! Stack a few Rhodochrosite crystals in your clothes, like your bra or your purse to get those vibes brewing. You men out there – stash one or two in your sock! These pink beauties ooze loving energy throughout your aura, to attract the same vibes from a mate. There is no perfume on Earth that can beat the Rhodochrosite attract love energy!



For more information please visit my website CrystalJunkie.com and receive a free guide to healing with crystals.

Jolie DeMarco is an expert in all things Metaphysical! She is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, grounded intuitive and Crystal Healer known as a “Messenger of Light“. She is an extraordinarily gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki Master and teacher. She is the President and Founder of My Flora Aura, a Mindful Meditation Center & Metaphysical retail space. Her 2nd location, My Spirit Center is an enchanted sacred event space. Both based In Boca Raton, Florida.  Known as the “Crystal Guru”, Jolie created Crystal Junkie™ a proprietary , therapeutic healing system and retail site with intuitively guided Crystal products, specialized guided meditations and courses—each designed to support high vibrational healing through the use of crystals and gemstones.  She’s authored 8 books including: SoulTalking™, The Energy Exchange as well as, several divination systems, i-tune & Android APPs including Healing Mandalas; reflecting 30 Mandalas she channeled to bring the viewer a self- healing experience and intuitive reading of their current life. Jolie is highly sought after for her abilities to channel spiritual messages for personal readings; she shares accurate intuitive knowledge & empathic body readings supporting her clients’ highest good and empowering them to live a “high vibes” lifestyle through the vast and unique array of alternative healing modalities she offers. JolieDeMarco.comCrystalJunkie.com.

Featured image courtesy of Levi Guzman.

Images of crystals © 2017 Jolie DeMarco