Today I want to talk about limiting and lack beliefs and how to turn those around into trust and empowered beliefs.

I know this is difficult. This goes beyond positive thinking and affirming. This is lining up with trust and abundance. This is about embodying trust and abundance. This isn’t about creating things or manifesting money. This is about alignment.

Aligning yourself with who you truly are.

This has been a journey of over 20 years for me, so if you want to know how NOT to do it, I’m your girl. Fortunately, I now also know why it took me so long, how it feels when I’m aligned and what the (at least mine) biggest hurdles are for opening yourself up to abundance and trust.

Again, abundance isn’t about manifesting money or things. It’s about feeling abundant. It’s about feeling you’re not missing anything, you’re not missing out on anything. Feeling you have and are enough.

Believing in Abundance, our own capabilities or opportunities is the opposite of a lack belief, namely an empowered belief. Why is such a belief actually empowering? Well, an empowering belief (believing in our own capabilities, opportunities, abundance, the good in people, etc) will open us up.

What do I mean by that?

When we truly believe in an empowered belief our mental, physical and spiritual energy changes. We can compare it to a scale going from -10 to +10. Where -10 is the same as extremely dense (closed, heavy, low in vibration) and +10 is extremely light (open, light, high in vibration).

An empowered belief is in the range between +1 and +10, where your energy will be more light, more open and higher in vibration. Depending on the trust we have in that empowered belief we go from +1 to +10 (+10 meaning we blindly trust that empowered belief).


When we are on that side of the scale (between +1 to +10) our energy, vibration changes. This impacts our mental, physical and spiritual state. Our body language changes, our physical reactions change, our mental state will be better and other results of that change can be:

(1) Seeing how we can benefit from our situation,
(2) Seeing solutions,
(3) Seeing opportunities,
(4) Saying yes,
(5) Getting creative,
(6) Thinking clearly,
(7) Feeling relaxed,
(8) Taking action (even relaxing is taking action),
(9) People will react more responsive to us,
(10) Smiling more,
(11) Feeling connected,
(12) Body feels more open,
(13) Muscles relax, etc.

But how do we cultivate an empowered belief when we still believe in lack? When we are not convinced of our own capabilities, our opportunities and our trust in life are not how we desire it to be?

To answer this question I will first give you some practical examples of how to do this and I will end this article with the crucial ingredient to these practical steps.

To cultivate our empowered beliefs we can do the following.

Keep a gratitude journal. 

When we write consistently in our gratitude journal (and by consistent I mean two times a week, three times a week or seven times a week, whatever fits your schedule), we keep our focus on those things that go well, we learn from, we appreciate, and/or we value. This will strengthen our “Positivity” muscle and will help keep our focus and emphasis on the good things in life.

Focus on our breathing. 

Our breathing is a good indicator of how tense we are. When we breathe shallow and only to our midriff, we are tense and anxious. When we belly breathe (all the way down to our belly) and we use our diaphragm to breath well, we are relaxed and open.

Whenever we become aware of our breathing being more shallow and tight, we can relax into our breathing and literally Let Go. Because when we are tense, we control our breathing by literally holding our breaths while we breathe. Meaning, we don’t inhale fully (Letting everything into our lives. We’re resisting) and exhaling fully (trusting and letting go).

Become aware of our inner dialogue. 

This goes hand in hand with focusing on our breathing because our breathing is a consequence of our inner dialogue. When we talk negatively to our selves, our bodies and our energetical bodies react by contracting (hence, not breathing fully).

We will never talk to a newborn baby as we talk to ourselves. Well, there’s no difference between us and a newborn baby. We are both very, very adorable!! And we both deserve the same empowering, loving and appreciative talk.

When we change our negative talk into empowered talk (or how we would talk to a baby:  “well done”, “you’re so beautiful”, “I love you so much”, “You’re so cute”, You’re so funny”, etc, etc), we will immediately experience the difference and we will go from the minus part of the scale to the plus part of the scale.

The most important ingredient for these steps.

I took these steps on and off for years while never really experiencing the positive consequences. I did my affirmations, my gratitude and I watched my breathing. But I missed the most important part of these steps. Because it’s never JUST about the execution of these steps, it’s the INTENTION of the execution of these steps. It’s not about crossing this of our to-do-list. It’s fully committing to these steps.

But what does that mean? It didn’t work for me then because:

(1) I was scared, and
(2) I didn’t trust (myself or life).

And when I fully stepped into my fear and opened myself up to Trust did things started to change for me. So trusting these steps, trusting ourselves and trusting life is so very important.

This trust can come in different ways. 

We can cultivate this trust by practicing. For example, writing in our gratitude journal, even though we don’t feel it yet. This can help us see the good things with which we can start to trust life and ourselves more.

Or, we can actively work on trusting and actively opening ourselves up when writing in our gratitude journal. When we write in our gratitude journal and even just for those 10 minutes, open ourselves up and trust, it will have a huge effect on us and our lives.

Every time we “practice” actively opening ourselves up and trusting, even for just five minutes a day, this will set in motion an energetical ripple effect.

By doing this we also get more practiced with this. We feel more comfortable opening ourselves up and we get more positive experiences with this (“nothing bad happens when I open myself up”).

Trusting, actively or passively (by practicing) will work while writing in our gratitude journal, when we focus on our breathing or when we pay attention to our inner dialogue. Whatever it is we do, when we consciously pay attention to trust and consciously open ourselves up (even for just 5 minutes) we create a completely new experience for ourselves.

It took me so long to truly step into this because of my fear and my lack belief in trust. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom and thought I couldn’t lose anything more, I was able to let go and trust.

Oftentimes, someone has to have an extreme experience to step out of the Lack and Limiting beliefs and into Trust and Openness and Abundance. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By simply practicing and taking baby steps you can get there as well. You too can go from a limiting and lack belief to an empowered one.

If you could pick one of the steps (gratitude journal, focus on your breathing, becoming aware of your inner dialogue) to practice with stepping into your trust, which one would you pick?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Have an amazing week.



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Image courtesy of Saeid Anvar.