Breaking out of a toxic relationship is the best thing you can do for your soul. But is there a peaceful way to end this rough ride without the emotional trauma that it leaves behind?

Ending a relationship is not a happy ending but if you are looking to get out of a relationship then it’s better to solve this amicably with your dignity intact. This will leave a positive impact on the life ahead.

Everyone deserves to be loved and if you are not getting that from your partner then it’s better to end it here and seek it elsewhere. We have tried to help you get through this painful process by sharing our views on how to peacefully get out of a loveless relationship.

Accept your Share of blame

You may not want to listen to this but you have to share the blame when it comes to being toxic in a relationship. Whatever your responsibility was including reaching out for a consensus on mutual disagreements or communicating when things were not right, you can’t escape this fact that you were a part of this. You have an equally effective role to play and you are accountable for that role. Do some introspection and vow not to engage yourself in a toxic relationship ever again, because you are worth more.

Learn to let go

It is not easy to surrender someone that you have held near you in a long-term relationship. It is indeed a difficult thing to do but more important is the realization that your relationship with your ex was not meant to be. Even if you have to use a spouse monitoring app like Xnspy to know about his lies and cheating or bear his physical abuse, you have to sometimes force yourself to get out of that toxic “arrangement”.

In such a relationship, any blow could be unexpected but you still want them to stop hurting you. You want to understand you and change. But nothing affects them no matter how much you love that person. When nothing works against such a person, then remember he/she is not worthy of this royal treatment from you. You need to get that person out of your life. Find the strength to get yourself out of it and move on.

You merit a better life/ you merit someone better in life

Loving someone is not worth it if your partner is not reciprocating equally. This is like putting all your hard work in a dead thing that cannot be resurrected. No matter how hard you try and the tears you put it in, this relationship will never be the same again. In doing so, you are not only wasting your time on the wrong person but also preventing the right person coming your way.

How can a new person come into your life when you have already someone to fill that space?

You must realize that you had to clear that dead wood in your life for the new flowers to blossom. You had to let go of that relationship. It is highly likely that the next person in your life could be the one that trusts in love. If you are an optimist, then believe that someone much better is out there for you. You may not know who they are and where you would find them, but that someone is waiting for you to let go of that relationship so that he/she can come into your life.

Don’t wait for your partner to change

Perhaps it will be your biggest mistake to wait for a person to change who has been mistreating you for years. This is where you have to take charge of your life and decide what is best for you. Relationships heal when the guilty partners accept their mistakes and show the will to mend their behavior. They may make promises and their intentions could be genuine but the truth is that it will all be the same after a few days. Especially if the person has not fulfilled the past promises.

So you don’t have to wait for that person to change. Instead, change has to come from within. You don’t have to force it, it will rise within you and convince you that your time with this person may be over. Our clouded judgements may hold us their prisoners but regardless of what we think, some relationships are not just meant to be.

You control your happiness

After all that you have endured in this turbulent relationship, there is still life ahead. Believe that taking back control starts with you. You don’t have to go through this alone, you would need support like everyone else. There will be people out there that can help you. Seeking help from your close friends and family members can get you back on your feet. You have to overcome that situation to start a new life in which you can enjoy things that you used to love. No more worries about the future. Get that off your chest, make the hard choice, and you are one step closer to a happier tomorrow.

Andrew Carroll is a trained professional counselor who has been helping couples in dealing with their relationship issues. He is a relationship and marriage expert and has greatly helped couples in resolving their commitment and emotional problems for many years. He has vast experience and has been in the field for over a decade. He not only gives great relationship advice but is an expert in how one can remain in a healthy and loving relationship.



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