“I want to paint with you!” is the comment I‘ve been hearing about three times a week. Kids, Women, Men… all different ages of people.

When things come in “threes”, I listen. So I took some time to think about how I could guide people to Unleash their inner artist. We are all creative, and creativity can mean so many different things. I had no idea that I had an artist within me and would have told you that I did not have one creative bone in my body. I now paint abstract art and even created a wearable art athleisure line taking my art on canvas to leggings.

Creativity may be painting, music, photography – or it may be how we solve problems at work and make choices in our every day life to create the way we want to live.

We are creative beings having a human experience. @RobinEmmerich (Click to Tweet!)

To guide you into your creativity and inspire you to explore what creativity means to you, I’ve created a video that can unleash anyone’s inner artist. It is three simple steps and you will be amazed at how easy it is to become an artist… and how you can create massive change in your life through learning how to tap into your creative power and design the life you desire!

Click here for ten minutes that will transform your life:


What does creativity mean to you? Let’s start the conversation in the comments below!

Robin Emmerich has spent close to a decade coaching some of the most successful women in business. Even with their considerable success, the common denominator is that as much as they seemed to be cruising through life on the outside, they were melting on the inside. It’s why Robin just launched Beauty and the Mess—an athleisure brand creating a sisterhood who understands that life is messy and difficult and challenging, but together, can find the strength to prioritize passion over perfection and fearlessly seek beauty in their everyday lives. She currently offers the CIJourney online course, based on the famed Stanford Masters Degree Course, ‘Creativity in Business,’ individual coaching and worldwide retreats. Connect with Robin at robinemmerich.com on Instagram, or beautyandthemess.com.