The holiday season can undoubtedly bring on more stress and anxiety. Time seems to come to a standstill as we gather with family, friends, eggnog and our favorite new apple gadgets. And of course, time with family can bring up more anxiety, which is in truth the parts of ourselves that are ready to heal if we can open our mind and hearts to look within.

I recently had a friend call me with overwhelm around how to handle time with her in-laws when inside, she felt uncomfortable and disconnected. We took some time to breath into her heart space. I encouraged her to just simply start with the awareness of the discomfort and allowing herself to feel it rather than change it. She immediately felt more calm and peace and then said, “I think I have been a little harsh. I am going to be more mindful of what I am thinking and feeling.” She allowed her mind to slow down and allow her heart to lead. Often, if we can just start there, we can then open up the space to shift the anxiety.

When we can open the space for ourselves, we then open the space for others. We lead the way to love by example. @RobinEmmerich (Click to Tweet!)

Our humanness often has us caught up in our heads thinking of what the future holds which then causes even more overwhelm. The question that we have to keep asking ourselves is how present are we in these moments that truly come and go as fast as they arrive?

What if this holiday was about asking the Universe for guidance on how to be more present and then wait. Trust. Allow the guidance to be given to you rather than closing the door to what is already there waiting for you?

It’s like the image that says, “If you are waiting for a sign, this is it.” The guidance is already there and it begins with presence.

What better time than the holiday season to practice presence and prepare for what is ahead in not only a brand new year, but a brand new decade.

In my most recent podcast on Beauty and the Mess, we dive into why anxiety may not be all in your head like you may think. I talk about healing anxiety, creating more fulfilling relationships, and ultimately… a better life with Dr. Russell Kennedy, Physician, Speaker, and Entertainer.

Let’s start a new conversation on stress, anxiety and overwhelm in the comments below. Happy Holidays✨


Robin Emmerich has spent close to a decade coaching some of the most successful women in business. Even with their considerable success, the common denominator is that as much as they seemed to be cruising through life on the outside, they were melting on the inside. It’s why Robin just launched Beauty and the Mess—an athleisure brand creating a sisterhood who understands that life is messy and difficult and challenging, but together, can find the strength to prioritize passion over perfection and fearlessly seek beauty in their everyday lives. She currently offers the CIJourney online course, based on the famed Stanford Masters Degree Course, ‘Creativity in Business,’ individual coaching and worldwide retreats. Connect with Robin at on Instagram, or