We woke up to a different world.

One moment everything seemed normal, and the next everything upside down.

Many lightworkers had a nagging feeling for a long time that the world was not moving in a positive direction and that the collective was not evolving quickly enough. We saw the damage of greed and consumerism (materialism), lust for selfish pleasure and self-centred satisfaction fulfilment.

Many did not take care of themselves or even feel interested to take care of their health in terms of what they put into their mouths, and other aspects of their health, e.g. mental and emotional. What some feed their mind with was endless entertainment. The entertainment industry seemed gripped by escapist and vacuous material purely motivated by profit.

The animals and plants on the planet were relentlessly pursued and abused, their suffering expanded into the earth frequencies. Their cry of pain unheard by the masses, yet collectively felt by our earth energy field.

Substance abuse became rife (from alcohol to recreational and pharmaceutical drugs to sex addiction and pornography).

Many of these greedy and self-centered energies were felt by our Great Mother Earth. She felt and received many torrid and violent acts. She seldom complained.

The lack of respect for the Earth and for each other, and for all beings, fomented the type of environment in which a virus could take hold. Messengers from a Higher Source are asking to be heard.

We are being asked to change our collective messaging, our collective dreaming, our individual idea of what the world is, and our place in it.

We all know deep down, our planet is interconnected. We know that there are forces at play of fear versus love, darkness versus light, yin versus yang by creation. We know deep down that the Earth must find a balance. We know we cannot keep creating suffering as a species, without us ultimately suffering.

Whilst we may have denied our Oneness, we knew at some primeval level that everything is connected.

This is not some sort of negative, or punishment, or retribution. It is a karmic rebalancing, and invitation for reinvention. It is a recalibration. It is not a revolution, more a transmutation.

The changes happening are not to be feared. We are awakening to being beyond what we imagined ourselves to be in a world beyond what we imagined it to be.

We must expand love on our planet as a living vibration, and embody this in how we life our lives, view ourselves, treat each other, and behave towards the animal and plant species on Earth.

Many sages have predicted a time for spiritual awakening – and this time is now. The opportunity is now. Take it.

Keep steady and stabilise your energy field into the earth. Keep vibrating higher and stronger.

This is a creative time for self-expression. Expanded consciousness is possible. You may find your ability to write, cook, heal, play music, produce art (etc.) is enhanced. The portal has opened up a little bit to the fifth-dimensional frequencies and now channeling magic is a possibility.

Be the love you wish to see in the world,


David Starlyte, is a spiritual coach, writer and teacher. A health-science degree graduate, David’s background includes over 16 years in the wellness industry with the last 12 of those being based in Australia. He has trained with Qi Gong masters in China and Buddhist monks in Thailand. He has even studied with kabbalists as a monastic in the Middle-East. As a channel for Divine wisdom, his intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, inner peace and awakening. To find out more, visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Image courtesy of Aarón Blanco Tejedor.