The dictionary defines an outbreak as “the sudden or violent start of something unwelcome, such as war or disease”.  An outbreak is uncontrollable; it releases its wrath on the world in tsunami waves, growing larger and larger with each hit. It is turbulent, soundlessly slithering into each and every corner of society and leaving the rest of us in a tempestuous, frantic, and befuddled state. If you are anything like me, you are sitting at home on the couch right now, aimlessly scrolling through social media or searching through Pinterest for an idea that can ease the torment of house arrest.

Instead of sitting idly, we can take this startling opportunity and turn it into a revolution. Now, we have both the time and the means to make a difference. The power lies just within our fingertips.

So, let’s start our own outbreak. An outbreak of friendship. An outbreak of community. An outbreak of unity, compassion, and goodwill. An outbreak is unstoppable – when unleashed, we can initiate what is bound to become a powerful and truly galvanizing movement towards our sole shared goal: Victory. As history has shown us, victory is reached only when we work together and with a shared vision.

We cannot wipe out a virus. But we can lend a helping hand. We can purchase groceries for the elderly who are too afraid to leave their homes. We can send our thank you’s to the doctors who are fighting a strenuous, perilous battle so that we can remain safe. We can see the good around us – family sitting together at the dinner table for the first time, or teachers making themselves available over Skype to speak to their students, face to face – and stop taking our precious life for granted. We can stop hoarding on sanitizers and canned foods that others are desperate for and donate the items we haven’t touched in months to a local hospital. We can transform this dictionary definition of an outbreak into our own interpretation, one with a profound significance and a heartfelt value.

We can be the outbreak. Let’s show COVID-19 that we can be victorious, and that we are the force to be reckoned with. #coronavirus #wearetheoutbreak

Ishita Shah is an aspiring writer residing in Texas. When not researching, she can often be found baking with her family of four or listening to Christmas music (all year round). You can see more of her on Instagram at @_ishitashah_.





Image courtesy of Clay Banks.