Dear younger me,

You are stronger than you assume. The scabs from your past are proof of this. It’s so easy to get lost in this maze of life, especially since everyone is claiming to know exactly where you should be going.

But don’t be so quick to follow people you haven’t gotten a chance to know. Their actions will reveal how loyal they are to their words.

You have learned and will continue to learn; because it is all a part of the journey of life. To grow, you have to experience discomfort.

And yet, to grow you have to rest. Be kind to yourself; there’s no progress without self-kindness.

Realize that your parents are people too, even when you’re sure they must have it all together.

They make mistakes, fall behind, lose things, and make wrong choices. That doesn’t make them worth despising. It makes them human.

Darkness is everywhere in the world, but that doesn’t mean there is no light. Be the one who seeks to make a difference, who puts others ahead of himself without forgetting himself.

Work hard for what you want to accomplish, and never settle for anything other than what matters to you.

If you work hard enough, you will fail (a lot). But you will also learn (a lot). The challenge of growth is always worth it in the end, so don’t lose heart in the hardest of times.

It’s easy to let your time slip away by consuming it in other people’s lives. For this reason, look inward so that looking outward becomes clearer.

Keep your voice. Keep your clarity. And no matter what, keep going and progressing.


Your future self

Kevin Horton is a 24-year-old photographer, student, modest bookworm, and wanna-be web developer with a new-found love for writing. He writes helpful words about creativity, productivity, and the enjoyably simple life.





Image courtesy of Michał Parzuchowski.