What a wonderful feeling to see a handwritten note! I love to get personal messages that are written in pen, where I can see the personality come shining through even before reading the contents. Did you know that you can spread happiness to people by sending a written note to them? Even just a few words can make a world of difference. Let me take a moment to explain why it’s so powerful to write out your notes in pen and what happens when you spread that kind of goodness.

I know a lot about this topic because I am one of the luckiest and happiest people you’ll likely meet. That’s because I get handwritten notes just about every day. Each one is a joy to receive because each one is different. Each note carries the personality and the emotion of the person who wrote it because they cared enough to pick up their pen and send me their thoughts.

Sending Handwritten Notes

I also send out my own note every day in my own handwriting and people say they really love to get a note from me. When they see my writing on the envelope, they smile with anticipation! A note from Elena, how nice, I wonder what she’s sending me? And I feel the same way when I get a note from a friend or even from someone I don’t know yet. I immediately get a warm, happy feeling that this is not a bill and it is not advertising; it’s actually a piece of mail that is addressed specially to me. I feel special. It’s personal. I love it!

There are a number of reasons why a handwritten note makes people so happy. I think one of the main reasons is that it happens so infrequently. It’s just not common at all today to see handwritten notes.

Fighting for Attention

Usually, our messages come with a “ping” and appear magically on our phones or computers, arriving in an endless stream of emails, text messages or social media postings all day long. We only have a second to glance at each electronic message or post before barreling through to the next one, trying to keep up with the constant stream of information appearing online. Those messages scream for our attention and it can feel like a chore to plow through them sometimes.

Receiving Personal Mail

But when you get a personal piece of mail, with your name written on the envelope in pen, you immediately feel like someone cared! They thought of you. They took the time to really consider what they wanted to say, and they sat down to write out their words or emotions. You can feel it as you open the envelope or pick up the note. You are special and you feel a rush of happiness and anticipation.

Maybe it’s an invitation. Maybe it’s a note of encouragement. Maybe they are thanking you for something you did recently that helped them. It might just be a card to say they are thinking of you. Whatever the reason, you can’t help but feel singled out and important. And that is because they put their pen and their hearts to paper in order to really express their true thoughts.

My daily notes happen to be thank you messages, but yours can be anything you want them to be! I also send holiday cards and birthday cards for those occasions, but I really like to send words of gratitude because those notes are so easy. There is always someone to thank on any given day when you really think about it.

Spreading Happiness

So why not take a moment to lift your pen and spread some happiness today? Compose a few words to someone you care about or even a casual neighbor who helped you or who might be going through something. Imagine their surprise to get a handwritten note in the midst of their busy day. The power of your pen will lift their spirits immensely and we can all use a boost at times.

You have the power to make a difference. And remember, when you make others happy, you also get a boost of good energy and joy. Thanks for picking up your pen and I would love to hear how sending or receiving handwritten notes has enhanced the quality of your life. Share your thoughts below and keep on spreading happiness in your corner of the world.

Elena Anguita is a change agent, speaker, and author of Spread Thanks! Create Miracles Through The Power of Ink who supports education and passionately believes in the transformative power of gratitude. You can connect with Elena on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SpreadThanks.com.


Image courtesy of cottonbro.