With so much stress in the world, we could all use some positivity. During the holiday season consider spreading the love to friends and family. Here are some ways you can radiate positivity this year.

1. Give Someone a Compliment

Compliments can make people feel special. Suppose you notice a family member recently got a haircut. Let them know that you think it looks nice. You can also go beyond the exterior and share a personality trait you admire about someone. Keep in mind you can also compliment a stranger. For example, you could compliment someone’s outfit at the grocery store. No matter who you choose, compliments can brighten up a person’s day.

Here are some other areas you could compliment someone on:

  • Their intelligence
  • Their accomplishments
  • Their creativity
  • Their positive attitude
  • Their friendship 

2. Reconnect With Some You Haven’t Recently

It’s easy to get caught up in work and everyday responsibilities. Make sure you still take some time to reach out to your friends and family you don’t see often. Suppose you have a family that lives in another state. Schedule a video chat with them to catch up.

Talking with them shows that you care and want to know how they are. Feeling like a priority can make people happier. Plus, the conversation could be a fun distraction from any work stress.

3. Spread Positivity on Social Media

Social media has grown in popularity. In fact, the average person spends 145 minutes on social media per day. So, why not use your account to spread positivity? For example, post inspirational quotes or something you’re grateful for. You could also share something positive that happened in your day. These uplifting stories can encourage people who are struggling that things will get better.

4. Talk With People and Laugh

Sometimes we can be so caught up in our own world we forget about those around us. Instead of rushing past a family member on your way to work, sit down and have a conversation with them. Having a good laugh makes you happier and is even good for your health. It helps to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension.

Suppose you notice someone who seems down. Take a chance to walk over and say hi. It could be the one thing that helps get them through the day.

5. Give the Gift of a Discount

Many people want to cut expenses. With the pandemic, some people may still be recovering financially. So, this holiday season, look for deals on entertainment or travel. For those with disabilities, it may be harder to find accessible activities. However, there are companies offering discounts, such as Regal Cinemas. They provide free wheelchair-accessible seating for those with disabilities.

6. Challenge Typical Beauty Standards

Body positivity is something 91% of women struggle with. You can help change the conversation by reminding people it’s about what’s on the inside. Social media and unrealistic expectations can lower someone’s self-confidence. If you notice someone talking negatively about their body, give them a compliment. Also, lead by example, and try not to compare yourself to others. Instead, embrace your beautiful body.

7. Do Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean the most to people. For example, you could pay for the next person in line at a restaurant. It’s a simple act that goes a long way. Plus, you may be rewarded if you put good karma in the universe.

Here are some other random acts of kindness to try this year:

  • Holding the door for someone
  • Shoveling your neighbor’s driveway
  • Letting someone cut in front of you inline
  • Donating your clothes to the Salvation Army
  • Serving at a homeless shelter

8. Remember to Say “Thank You”

A simple “thank you” can make someone feel valued. Often we don’t acknowledge when others do something nice for us. For example, if someone helps you find something at the store, thank them for their assistance. Another idea is to thank your parents for cooking dinner. The things parents do often go unappreciated since they do it daily. Saying “thank you” is an easy way to make someone’s day.

9. Be Open to Just Listening

There are moments when someone just needs to vent. Suppose you notice your friend is having a bad day. Give them a chance to express their feelings without interruption. While they are talking, make sure you are actively listening. You can do this by looking at them and not fidgeting with distractions. Also, give other nonverbal cues, such as the occasional nod.

When they’re done talking, you can offer support and guidance. Try to keep your judgment or any strong opinions to yourself. It’s important that you make it about the other person and not yourself.

10. Write Encouraging Notes for Strangers

While you have a busy schedule, take some time to write some inspirational messages. Then give them to people you meet in public who are having a bad day. Suppose you see a parent struggling to control their child’s outburst. Hand them a note reminding them that they’re a good parent. You could also give an overwhelmed waitress a note telling them you appreciate their service.

How to Spread Positivity

Positivity is important for both our physical and mental health. There are so many simple ways to brighten up someone’s day. Consider trying some of these ideas to spread the joy this year!

Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Momish Magazine. Bio mom of two kiddos & stepmom of two kiddos – normalizing blended families is her ish. She enjoys peeing alone, pancakes, and pinot noir.





Image courtesy of Ron Lach.