At first glance, our relationship is totally normal. Having been close for eight years now, we do what most BFFs do together. We laugh at ridiculous inside jokes, we cry when the other is suffering, we talk….a lot…we listen a lot, too. We give it straight when needed, even if it stings. We eat. Sometimes overeat. We can finish each other’s sentences. We know what the other is thinking. Oh wait, my BFF IS a psychic medium, but that’s not really how it works…

So, how IS it different? There are so many ways but let me start at the beginning. Even how we first met seems inconceivable, made up, but it’s not.

Years back, I had just finished a 200-hour yoga teacher training and was personally growing leaps and bounds with my own spirituality. Being a licensed marriage and family therapist, I used my new spirituality and mindfulness practices to help change my life and help deepen the growth of my clients. I was inspired and wanted to open a mindfulness gift shop that also hosted workshops to help the community. I had been percolating with this idea and talking to some trusted friends. One of them recommended I speak with a woman named Lisa. My friend said Lisa was a well-known psychic medium in the area and was involved in the spiritual community.  She was sure Lisa would be happy to talk to me and provide feedback on my ideas.

So, I blindly called Lisa and left a voicemail.

What I didn’t know at the time is that Lisa was awakened earlier that week in the middle of the night. Her TV had turned on, randomly, (which apparently happens often when a spirit has something to say), and she heard the name “Joanna.” Lisa assumed the name was for her clients scheduled the next day, because she didn’t know anyone named Joanna. Lisa asked her clients for the next few days, “Do you know a Joanna?” and they all responded “No.” She confidently knew she’d figure it out at some point and went about her week.

A couple of days later, Lisa received my voicemail. She called me back and we had a lovely conversation. While discussing my business idea, Lisa had mentioned that she was looking for new office space. To no coincidence, I had an office available at the four-office suite I rented for my therapy practice. We made a plan for me to show it to her the following week.

That same night, my friend was hosting some girlfriends for a gathering in her home. As people were arriving, the hostess brought someone over and said “Joanna, I want you to meet my friend Lisa Nitzkin.” When I heard her last name, my eyes got huge at realizing who she was. “Lisa, I’m Joanna Hakimi. We just spoke on the phone earlier today!”

Now it was Lisa’s turn for her eyes to get big.  “Joanna…JOANNA…You aren’t going to believe this, but I know I’m meant to know you.”

And so, our friendship began… and hundreds, if not thousands, of cool experiences began too.

For example, one time we were at brunch talking, catching up, and out of the blue Lisa says, “your Granny and Pop Pop are here, and they want me to tell you they love you.” Tears immediately collected in my eyelids.

We often get signs for each other. Having begun my own manifesting and intuitiveness, I would share songs or license plates that I felt inspired by and simultaneously Lisa would be in a session with a client for whom the message would be.

When my parents or cousin came to visit, Lisa gifted them readings, simply because she loves me, and my family was curious.

I was sick with Covid, and panicking because I couldn’t find my inhaler. I had searched my house head to toe. She said “look in your front hall closet.” I scoured jacket pockets and bags. Eventually, I found it in a backpack pocket…in my front hall closet.

We’ve supported each another through some of the toughest and most beautiful moments in our lives. Grief and loss of loved ones, divorce, Mitzvahs, etc. But sometimes there is truly an added bonus of faith, hope and trust that only she can offer. When my oldest child was suffering emotionally and I was overwhelmed with how to handle the situation, Lisa immediately tapped in and had specific and direct messages that offered not just comfort, but advice for specific action. Her advice was completely accurate. And mind-blowing. Even for me.

As you can see, there are major bonuses when your BFF is a psychic medium. That being said, there is a down-side. Sometimes I feel like I’m a bodyguard or bouncer for a famous person. Similar to being famous, people want to get close to Lisa and be her friend for the wrong reasons. The insensitive behavior of so many “friends” constantly asking Lisa for free advice, without recognizing the great emotional toll it takes on her to tap in. I see the burden and suffering it can have on my BFF. I’ve encouraged her to have stronger boundaries and I’ve gained more respect for people’s time and energy because of our relationship.

Day to day, we’re just like any other BFFs, but there is some extra magic in Lisa that I’m lucky enough to experience. People often ask me what it’s like to have your BFF be a psychic medium. The answer is pretty simple…It’s pretty effing cool!

Joanna Hakimi is a proud entrepreneur and can often be found singing in the car with her two kids.  Starting her first successful business when she was 17 and being president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society at the University of Georgia, she never closed the door on opportunity.  She then went on to Northwestern University and attained her Masters in Science, becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. After being a successful LMFT in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 15 years while simultaneously running a mindful goods boutique for 5 years and accomplishing a 200 hour yoga teaching certification, Joanna was itching for a new adventure. After a phone conversation with a friend in California discussing ways to grow her Life Coaching business, the idea came about that independent professionals, such as Life Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches and other similar people in the life changing business, needed a resource to connect potential clients with the LifeChanger they were seeking. That’s how her newest venture, LifeChangers.Info was born.  LifeChangers has a mission to connect professionals with a new client base using a simple and inclusive site.  When she’s not seeing clients or working to grow LifeChangers.Info, you can find Joanna hiking, making terrariums or, well, singing in the car with her kids…likely to Billy Joel or Indigo Girls. You can follow Joanna on Instagram.


Image courtesy of Anna Shvets.