Before digging deep into how you can be unique, let’s first talk about why you have to be unique.

Why should I even try to stand out?

Everyone wants to be noticed and seen. Everyone wants attention. Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone wants to succeed and I’m guessing you’re here because you also want people to notice your presence. The only way to do this is to stand out and be unique.

People, who stand out, are much more valued and noticed because our brain points out the differences first before it even sees the similarities.

These people are like magnets, everyone is attracted towards them. You’re much more likely to make it if you’ve got something different in yourself.

You don’t have to be perfect, but you gotta be unique. To be highly valued and trusted means to be a cut above the rest. If you offer a different solution than what people normally would, you have got the potential to change the world and that’s what everyone is looking for.

In fact, the first question when you go for a job interview is what makes you unique? Your uniqueness will help you get your position, even if you’ve hundreds of job applicants in front of you.

So, are you ready to achieve the goals you always dreamt of?

Follow these tips to stand out and get the world to know you:

Be super confident

If you wanna be confident, you gotta believe in yourself. Second, you’ve to be passionate about what you do. Confidence doesn’t mean knowing that you’re gonna succeed, instead, it’s believing in yourself.

Do what you love to feel confident. It’s not something you already have, it’s something you create yourself.

Your mind is the only thing that is limiting you from doing things.

My mantra to be confident is to overcome the beliefs that are limiting you from accomplishing things, this way you will be much more confident, and the key is not to just ‘be confident’ but to ‘appear confident’ as well because that’s what people wanna see!

Take calculated risks, embrace your imperfections, make prompt decisions, never stop learning and upgrading yourself, and you’ll be on your way to being a confident person who’s loved by everyone.

Speak up

Pro tip: Use this only when required, speaking too much can negatively affect your personality.

It’s nearly impossible to stand out without speaking up. People are gonna know you only when you open your mouth and speak up about what’s happening.

People have a constant fear of putting themselves forward, so how do you overcome it?

Here are three exact steps I followed when I felt anxious about representing my opinions:

  • If you have a fear of speaking up in meetings, start small. Share your ideas or suggestions with people whom you trust.
  • Speak where you’re comfortable, start presenting yourself to a larger audience, this doesn’t have to be your office meeting with hundreds of people staring at you, it can be your family as well.
  • Write what you have to say. Knowing beforehand, what to say will make you much more confident and willing to speak.

Be of Service

Experiences can never be forgotten. People can forget about your blunders, but they can never forget the way you made them feel. Stand out by showing up every time for people who need your help or just need you to listen to them.

There are just few people who help others with no reasons or expectations, and that’s why you can easily stand out by helping!

Be yourself

Being authentic is the best way to be unique because we all are supposed to be different (You don’t have to fit in!). Embrace your imperfections and be natural instead of coping up with the people around you.

Instead of hiding, improve your blunders to make yourself a better person every day.


People around you can be way smarter and talented than you are, but you can still stand out and be seen just by following these simple tips.

You’re now ready to make your presence felt. Have fun!

Sampark Setia is a podcaster, blogger and writer. He’s also working as an international ambassador in the heart of Hollywood, based in Los Angeles.






Image courtesy of Maria Orlova.