Being ready is an opportunity that’s common in every moment to act upon, not an opportunity to wait for. There’s an ancient proverb, “Ready is the belief within a moment, not a moment somewhere in time.” Being ready is the courage — the position of your heart — that’s commonly available to everyone . . . an act of facing all the fears, concerns, doubts and hesitations until they’re no longer in control. A master once said that ready is facing the flames of life until they bow down to your life. Ready is connecting with your greatest projection . . . not being limited by your need for protection. The present moment, in the construction of time, is the movement of space through your perspective. The moments of the past are always right there, they’ve passed through, and the moments of the future are always right there . . . right before you. “What is to be, already is” (Humee Hum Brahm Hum) . . .

When you’re not ready now, you’re not ever ready. Until you make readiness active, your readiness is simply sleeping.

This is not to imply that fears, concerns, doubts and hesitations have no value — they’re what makes the final version so much better than the first draft; they’re what keeps you painting until the art is creatively complete; they’re what improves your skillsets toward their ultimate performance. The way you work with these emotions will either guide your life, or block it . . . they either make up your weakest parts, or they work with weakness to become strength. All in the angle of perception, the idea of ready and the idea of time are parallel. Like the common ‘South Asian’ phrase, “Just now coming,” commitment is the antidote that overrides these perception codes from deep history. It allows you to present to this present moment that being unready is actually being nearly ready.

Our prayer is that your readiness is just now coming and in fact nearly ready; that your fears, concerns, doubts and hesitations are sharpening your skills, not denying that you have them; that your commitment knows you’re ready in the complete picture of time, and that it’s working at all times to complete this picture.

Guru Singh is a world-renowned yoga instructor, author, musician, and family man. Guru Singh works with the Dalai Lama, teaches with Tony Robbins, and has recorded an album with Grammy® Award-winning artist Seal. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Image courtesy of willsantt.