“What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?” – Phil Conners, Groundhog Day

Undoubtedly, we don’t have to tell any of you why the movie Groundhog Day has come to our mind. We’ve all been in our own indefinite Groundhog Day of sorts for months now. But, in case you don’t remember the film, it’s the one where Bill Murray plays an arrogant weather reporter who wakes up in a spiritual purgatory, suffering through the same exact day over and over again until he makes enough personal changes to break through to tomorrow. It’s not just of our favorite movies – it’s on our must-watch list for all our coaches and clients. The truth behind the film resonates with us to our core: that people stay stuck in their day to day lives until they make the conscious decision to evolve into something better.

Now, more than ever, we need to keep the momentum. Too many lives have been lost during this deserved time-out for us to not learn our lessons already. To, once and for real, step up and not push snooze again, sweep, step over, or white-out what truly matters.

Many of us have gone through our own version of Groundhog Days, even before this, where we felt stuck — whether it was in a bad relationship, a toxic environment, a dead end job, or in an unhealthy body, etc. Good news, we have a quick roadmap to use when determining what is keeping you “stuck” and it more than likely has nothing to do with where you’re pointing and everything to do with YOU.

At HG, we refer to the concept of Personal Integrity®. “Maybe”…we may have mentioned it before!

Personal Integrity is the ability to keep a promise to yourself that is a match with your highest ideals. It is the alignment of your mind (plan), body (actions), and heart (dreams).

It is a verb (yes, a verb) we love so much we had it not only trademarked, we built an entire online coaching course to help you achieve it: Inner.U.

You can break Personal Integrity down into three components:

  1. physical integrity (actions)
  2. emotional integrity (feelings), and
  3. spiritual integrity (thoughts)

These three factors are already at work in your own life, whether you know it or not. So often, we can’t see their patterns because we invented the patterns ourselves through our beliefs, habits, and character traits. Many of our clients come to us fully aware of their space in those three arenas, but totally oblivious to the connection between them. Like a little black box in our head, that information reveals the how and why of what’s really going on in our lives. Namely, our results.

Changing the Message

Breaking into our mind’s black box is the key to becoming unstuck, but it requires a thorough investigation of your inner dialogue (Module 2 of Inner.U LIFE). Most people are hesitant to admit that their inner dialogue is controlled by fear and negativity, or they don’t even realize it’s happening. They continue to self-sabotage and then feel all the worse for dropping the ball, breaking their promises, and selling out on their dreams.

You can gain insight into your own Personal Integrity by asking yourself the following questions, and being honest:

  • How would you rate your physical, emotional, and spiritual integrity?
  • What are you saying to yourself about your life, your actions, and your dreams?
  • Can you spot the pattern linking your actions to the way you feel on a daily basis?
  • How do you think changes in one area would affect another area?

This exercise does more than just revisit the New Year’s resolutions you half-committed to back in January and dumped by mid-February (in a good year!). It’s the “why” of your promises, and connects you back to your dream for the big picture of your life. It lets you see how any one thing you’re doing (or not doing) has a ripple effect on other areas of your life, and shows you where your attention is most needed. More than anything, it addresses the voices in your head that are calling the shots, and gives you the opportunity to change the message you are sending yourself.

If you need help determining what your dreams are in the different areas of life, join us for one of our upcoming Design Your Life Webinars this month.

The scary part is that no one comes to rescue you from the day-to-day. It’s on you to believe in the dream and put the work in; breakthroughs do not happen any other way. The good news is that every single day is a chance to experiment — with a new plan, a different practice, or a modified perspective. “How will I feel if I meditate four days in a row?” “What will happen if I alter this one thing…” Experiment, and then watch the changes as they happen before your eyes.

Change is, after all, an inside job. One you can quit, but you can’t get fired from.




Inner.U LIFE is a 12 session online course that gives you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have every last thing you want in the areas that matter most to you: CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, TIME, FAMILY, and HEALTH. Do this life thing better from wherever, whenever.

Beth Handel Weissenberger is the Co-Founder of Handel Group®, a seventeen plus year executive life coach (back when it was totally unheard of and not cool), who has taught thousands of clients to human better. Beth is the one who (already great, top of the top) CEOs, venture capitalists, and gurus go to. From Live Nations’ Michael Rapino to Gary Vaynerchuk to NFL players Justin Pugh and Nolan Carroll to singer Michelle Williams to name (drop) a few. She founded Handel Group with her sister, Lauren, almost two decades ago and has developed it into a multi-platform business with Corporate, Life Coaching, Education, Sports and Product Divisions. The Handel Method® is a unique, cutting edge, straightforward, brutally honest methodology that has been taught and developed at over 50 universities and institutes of learning worldwide, from MIT to Stanford University School of Business to Yale to Columbia to NYU and the New York Public School System. Beth’s coaching style, mad skills, and tool kit, plus the humor and honesty she wields as she owns her own dark side is exploding now, as the world implodes, and the truth about humanity can no longer be contained, even in a pandemic. What truth? Beth’s… She has worked with public and private companies delivering doubled and tripled sales, integrating previously “warring” divisions, and identifying obstacles to signing multi-million dollar contracts in short time frames. Beth’s ability to evolve corporate culture and bring about exponential financial growth has become her legacy.

Image courtesy of Jorge Fakhouri Filho.