There are things that we learn from our parents and families. There are some that we pick up from the environment around us, and there are our friends who teach us about life in many ways than anyone can.

Friends are a crucial part of our lives. There’s nothing better than the feeling that you have someone by your side to help you through thick and thin. It is indeed priceless to have friends around you, people with whom you share a strong bond and an understanding of each other beyond words. With your friends, you know you have a relationship worth fighting for and one that can stand throughout your lifetime. You inspire, support, and motivate each other. You push each other and ensure one another’s personal growth. We all won’t achieve as much as we achieved in our lives without our friends by our sides. That’s how important friends are.

In playing this crucial role in our lives, there are several life lessons that they also teach us.

These are lessons that we may not get anywhere or with anyone else but our friends. We can learn life lessons from other places and people, such as school, church, parents, siblings, and love interests. However, some of the best life lessons are learned from our friends. Some of these are:

1. You’re never alone.

Knowing that you’re never alone through any situation or circumstance, good or bad, is one of the significant life lessons that you will learn from your best friends. Whenever you’re sad, terrified, and lonely, you will have your friends around you for comfort. They are the hand that helps you and the shoulder for you to cry on. Even when you don’t want to involve them, they will be with you through your most challenging moments.

When you’re also jubilant, happy, and joyful, they are the first ones to share in your joy. So, no matter how good or bad the situation is, you will always have your friends around you. You’re never alone.

2. Friends teach you to be better.

No matter how good you are, you can always be better, and you have your friends around you to ensure this. Your friends encourage you, inspire you and push you to grow, and they also grow with you. They make sure that you follow your dreams and achieve your goals. They always want to see you better than before, so they continue to test you and challenge you every time. They have seen you at your best and your worst, so they know what you’re capable of achieving if you put yourself to work, and they’re there to ensure this.

3. Quality always beats quantity.

Having a few good friends around you willing to go to the ends of the earth for you will prove to you that quality surpasses quantity. It is not the number of friends that you have; it’s how much you mean to them and how far they can go for you. You can have a hundred friends, and they are all fake, but one good friend will do more than what thousands of fake friends cannot achieve collectively. This is why you should take care of friends that have your back and be sure to have theirs too.

4. Trust is everything.

These days, it is hard to find people that you can trust. However, you know you can and should always trust your best friends. Trust is a crucial part of friendships. So you’re able to tell them everything about you, your family, your wishes and deepest fears, etc. and you can be sure that they are not going to use it against you to hurt you or make fun of you because friends are always there to support and help each other, not bring each other down.

5. You’re better off sharing some secrets than keeping them to yourself.

We all lie about certain things, and we all have our reasons for doing so. Whether it is about your age, exam grade, your crush, etc., there are several things that you have lied to people about, but you alone know the truth. In the same way, certain events happen in our lives that we keep in the deepest parts and don’t reveal to anyone. We can count on our friends to listen to us when we need someone to talk to. They help us share the burden of carrying those secrets and seek ways to solve the problem.

The adage, “a problem shared is half-solved,” typifies friendship.

6. The world needs you.

Everyone needs someone in their corner, and your friends are there to help you and vice versa. It is so inspiring to help others and be there for them in their troubled times. You get to realize that you’re putting so much of your strength and time into seeing someone else happy because they deserve your attention and they need you.

During their difficult moments, one thing that your friends teach you is that they need you, and the world needs you too.

7. Friends teach you to apologize and forgive.

No matter how good or sweet a friendship is, friction is inevitable. Those minor misunderstandings, arguments, and fights are always going to come up. The question is, what do you do afterward? You apologize!

If you lose a friend because you don’t know how to apologize after every fight, you will end up living a lonely, meaningless, and sad life. So, with friends, you learn to say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong and forgive when you’re wronged.

8. Friends teach you to be yourself at all times.

For your friends, it is enough for them that you’re yourself. They love and appreciate you the way you are and won’t try to change you or make you become who you’re not. Instead, they see your best qualities, and they see your flaws and expect you to continue being yourself without trying to fit into what you’re not. This makes you feel valued and accepted.


Your best friends are the most prominent life teachers that you have in your life. Their words, actions, life, and experience teach you some of the biggest life lessons. Some of these are mentioned in this article, but there are many more of them.

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