Fashion designer Sue Wong’s story is a true rags-to-riches story.

Sue grew up in communist China, and at the tender age of five, she and her mother escaped to come to the United States.

From a young age, Sue knew she had a special, creative gift and was always making her own toys; she had even sewed her first blouse at just nine years old. Isn’t that incredible? Now, Sue is a self-made multimillionaire as well as an internationally recognized fashion designer whose designs are sold in twenty-seven countries around the world!

Starting out, Sue said she could not have imagined the amount of success that she would have; however, she was always ambitious and had a very strong vision of her future and where she wanted to be in life. Sue recognizes that there have been many highlights of her long career, but she shared with me that overcoming her many obstacles and struggles is one of her greatest achievements. Sue also expressed to me that she is extremely proud of her new venue that she started about twelve years ago of designing couture wear but at popular prices.

For any artist, musician, or entrepreneur, Sue offers one piece of advice— commitment.

“You have to have commitment and really be able to sacrifice yourself to your art.”
Sue Wong via @KirstyTV (Click to Tweet!)

With such a long career, I asked Sue if she had any regrets or anything that she wishes she could done differently. “No. Not at all. I have no regrets,” Sue said, “Even the darkness, I experience it as a positive experience because it’s really something that is transformative along our life journey to really make us stronger and wiser human beings.”

So for anyone out there who wants to be on his/her own journey to success, I think that Sue’s story is one that shows us that anything is possible. I think that the highest heights are achievable for all of us; we just have to be willing to put in the work.

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