Well Hello Freedom Seekers!

On today’s episode of Hello Freedom podcast I’ve got a surprise guest. Actually, who he turned out to be was a surprise to me until about an hour before our interview. A client turned me on to an interesting website about Vedic meditation and I signed up to start receiving the Vedic Meditation: Thought of the Day and loved it! On a whim I reached directly to the creator of the blog, Jeff Kober to invite him to be a guest on the podcast and he agreed.

I started researching more about Vedic Master Jeff Kober and this other Jeff Kober kept coming up in my google searches. I recognized him immediately as an actor from Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, NCIS, Law and Order and a zillion other films and shows I’d seen over the past thirty years. Clearly there must be two Jeff Kobers, I thought, because how could busy-working actor Jeff be putting out a daily, thought of the day email?

To my surprise and delight there is only one Jeff Kober; esteemed actor and Vedic meditation teacher all rolled into one wide awake, enchanting human.

There’s always something new to explore & expansion to be made. – Jeff Kober via @terri_cole (Click to Tweet!)

We had a great conversation and riffed on meditation, addiction and the hotbed of mental health that the entertainment industry is not! Jeff was so open-hearted and generous in sharing his experience, his mastery and a surprising story about the director of his last film, Clint Eastwood. I found it interesting that his real life energy is so calm and comforting, sort of the exact opposite of many of the scary characters he plays!

“That’s what meditation gives me: I don’t need your approval on a set, I need only the space to give what I’m expected to give and to give what I want to give.” – Jeff Kober

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Click here to listen NOW.

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Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn.