Wife, Mother, Yoga Teacher, Observer of Life. I am on a journey of healing from both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse. The intention of rehabilitating my body at the end of cancer treatment brought me to yoga. My yoga practice brought about an unexpected result; a peaceful mind. I learned how to quiet my internal conversation which freed me up to further heal my body, mind and soul from both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse.  I still have painful memories, but they no longer have me. Once I became a certified yoga teacher my teaching path began to unfold naturally. The more I taught, the more I shared my story.  The more I shared, the more I connected with my students.  My students became Observers of their own lives. This led to my creating the Let It Go workshop.  I’ve presented this workshop in NJ, NY and Southern California. I’m a proud teacher for the Newark Yoga Movement, we bring yoga into the school system and through out communities in Newark, NJ.  I teach yoga to Veteran's as well as at alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers.  I even taught yoga in a women’s prison in Philadelphia, Pa. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t taken that chance 7 years ago and stepped onto a yoga mat. For more information about Lockey and to sign up for her newsletter, go to  www.lockeymaisonneuve.com