Do you often experience synchronicity in your life? Maybe you think of someone and then they call, or the song you were singing in your mind begins to play on the stereo. I experience this awesomeness on a daily basis. As a Spirit Junkie, I’ve made it my mission to release the blocks to the energetic support around me. The more I believe in Divine Guidance, the more miracles I experience.

A super groovy way I receive guidance is through repeating numbers. For years I’ve witnessed 1111 show up in many unique ways, such as on computer screens, digital clocks, addresses, etc. Intuitively I see these moments as sweet winks from the Universe, reminding me that I am being guided. I am not alone in this philosophy. Many other Spirit Junkies believe that when you frequently see 1111 you’re receiving a message to recalibrate your consciousness and intuition.

Rather than just chalk these moments up to coincidence, I’ve chosen to witness the guidance and respond. Each encounter with 1111, I recite a prayer. I say out loud to my internal guide, “Thank you for your message. I am present to your guidance. Show me what you got.” I could easily breeze past these moments of Divine Guidance, but I choose to use them as spiritual cues to tune in and connect to the energy around me. When I’m in tune and connected—I expect miracles.

Divine Guidance is available to you, too. All the time. The first step is to stop questioning the synchronicity. When you question it, you weaken the power in the moment. Choose to honor the miracle. Pay attention to moments of synchronicity.

The next step to creating more synchronicity and flow is to strengthen your faith in miracles. This clears space for Divine Guidance to show up and support you. Maybe you witness guidance through repeating numbers, feel a strong intuition, or you experience tons of synchronicity. There are all kinds of ways to tap into the divine.

Spirit connects through people. Ever notice those moments when you’re thinking of someone and they call, text or email? This is a great example of Spirit energy at work. Regardless of how physically far you may be from someone, you can trust that your spiritual connection is always strong. When you are thinking about someone you can be certain they will feel it, and vice-versa.

Connecting to Spirit also comes through a strong intuitive feeling. When I connect through intuition I hear an inner dialogue that is loud, authoritative—unquestionable. The way to strengthen your intuition is to take it seriously. Pay attention to your intuitive spark, and listen when it comes. Jot down your intuition in a notebook or repeat it out loud to yourself. Don’t rush past it. Instead, honor your intuition and fully take it in.

Spirit also connects to us through visual cues and technology. My 1111 encounters are great examples of how Spirit will remind me of my guidance. You may experience spiritual connections through your phone, computer, or stereo. Often the lights in my home go on and off. I take this as a nod from my Spirit Guides and pay attention.

Once aware of Spirit’s connection, you can surrender to Divine Guidance. Begin today by paying attention to the ways that spirit is connecting to you. Then practice the following steps to deepen your miracle mindset and awareness of Spirit:

Practice non-interference.

Working with divine Spirit guidance is like playing with magic. Connecting to the flow of the Universe is our birthright—not some secret trick—so try your best not to interfere with the natural order. Instead, pay attention to your intuitive guidance and take spiritually aligned action.

Patience is key when working with the Universe

It’s important to trust that Spirit has a way better plan than you do. Enjoy the flow and let go of the outcome. Don’t rush the process. Let the Universe do her thing.

Be still

In stillness you will receive guidance. The more you cultivate serious time for contemplation and stillness the easier it will be for you to hear the call of Spirit. One way you can do this is by practicing meditation and yoga. If you’re a meditation newbie, click here for my free guided meditations.

Gratitude is your only attitude when connecting to Spirit

Each day, thank the infinite Universe and Divine Spirit Guidance. Say prayers throughout the day thanking Spirit for guiding you to exactly what you need. This gratitude will strengthen your faith in miracles and enhance your relationship to the guidance around you.

Finally, listen.

Pay close attention to what comes through and do not edit it. Just be present with the messages you receive. Listen. Then take spiritually aligned action.

Featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section as “a new role model,” motivational speaker, life coach, and author Gabrielle Bernstein is making her mark. Expanding the lexicon for the next generation of spiritual seekers, Gabrielle is the #1 bestselling author of the book, Add More ~ing to Your Life, A hip Guide to Happiness. In September 2011 Gabrielle launched her second book, Spirit Junkie, A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles. In 2008 she launched her social networking site for young women to find mentors.