“Happy ThanksLIVING. Be Grateful For Every New Day.”

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to come around to be aware of what you’re grateful for. Be grateful every day for all the beautiful people, events, and aspects of this life you are living!

I’ve written about how I believe gratitude is the antidote for depression—and I believe this passionately! Studies even show how people who maintain a daily gratitude journal increase their daily happiness. Even if you’re happy right now, you can increase the joy and love in your life by taking time to appreciate all the joy and love you have in your life. With all this in mind, would love to hear below what you’re grateful for in your life right now!

And Happy ThanksLIVING to you and yours!

Poster written/designed by Karen SalmansohnCheck out more of Karen’s original prints at her website and/or say hi to her on Facebook.