When photographer Sacha Goldberger’s 91-year-old grandmother Frederika Goldberger was feeling lonely and depressed, he came up with the most adorable idea to cheer her up. He took photos of her in bizarre costumes, positions, and situations, even featuring her as a spandex-clad super heroine better known as “Super Mamika.”

I always loved comics, and I wanted to show what could happen to superheroes when they are old,” Sacha told TODAY.com.

Frederika is, in fact, a real life heroine. She was born a baroness into a wealthly Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. During World War II, Frederika and her husband risked their own lives to help hide others from the Nazis. They saved the lives of ten people.

Mamika means “my little grandma” in Hungarian.


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All Photos © Sasha Goldberger