It’s the start of a new month, and there are fresh opportunities upon us!

Whether we are encountering strangers in need or doing the Harlem Shake, we live in a world where our actions—good, bad, crazy, and compassionate—can literally go viral with just one swift click. The internet fills us with so many opportunities we would not otherwise have: the chance to start a movement or the courage it takes to start a business out of a passion.

Here’s to spreading love and positivity through our social experiences. If you are lagging a bit or need a boost, I know this list will be exactly what you need.

THE LIST for March features four finds that will make you laugh, dance, and cry, all in one sitting.

The Harlem Shake

Some people may be confused by this one. You’re right, the Harlem Shake has been around for years. But more recently, another version of the Harlem Shake came out, and it led to a spiral of viral videos from across the world.

The videos consist of users uploading videos to YouTube that are about thirty to sixty seconds in length. The most amazing part? It’s just average, everyday people who are letting loose and dancing in some really crazy and fun ways. I know it will lift your spirits or make you start brewing up your own Harlem Shake ideas.

Here are some of the best Harlem Shake videos out there to date. You’ll be hooked for a while, especially since each video is only about thirty seconds.

My two daughters even gave the Harlem Shake a try. Watch their own rendition, and let me know what you think!


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To This Day

If you watch anything today, let it be this video. Don’t shy away by the length of it; the contents will shake you. Shane Koyczan combines stunning visuals with a spoken word poem he delivers in the background. You can tell by just a quick listen that he delivers the words with his whole heart.

Another reason to love this video even more: the premise behind the video is to shed light on bullying worldwide. The story Shane tells is heroic and humbled. He pulls us all back to a time when names hurt us and the unkindness of others threatened to silence us. I, for one, am thankful that Shane did not stay silent and chose to speak out instead. This video is too powerful for words, and it really stirred me, especially as a father to two young girls. I cannot imagine how the cruelty of bullying changed Shane’s life, and I honor him for overcoming it with such full force, but it always makes me wonder: How do we stop this national issue? How do we get children to stop being so cruel to one another?

Will anyone help a homeless man?

I watched this video with tears in my eyes, and I could not resist sharing it with everyone. An actor is staged as a homeless man who is given twenty dollars to purchase lunch at a local restaurant. The bartender (also an actor) is instructed to be unkind to the homeless man to try to gain a reaction from innocent customers. Segment after segment, I think you will be amazed by the ways people react to this dialogue between the homeless man and the bartender.

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Today, I would challenge you to think a bit more about this issue and how you use compassion toward strangers in your own day-to-day life. Would you offer the man food? Would you defend him? Would you turn away? We have this rare but awesome opportunity to give to others and be a kind soul in what is often labeled as a “cruel world.” Do you take that chance seriously enough?

Certainly look closely at the last example in the video clip. This man will inspire you and make you think, based on his own actions toward the homeless man. I would love to hear your thoughts about the interactions in this video! 

THE LIST is a monthly post featuring the top inspiring finds that hit me at my core. Morsels so good that I cannot possibly think of keeping them to myself. Good works, good people, good books, and good movies—all rolled into one post. Missed the last list? Check it out here!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. And remember, This List grows more valuable with your contributions. Share your own favorite finds this month in the comments. I’m always searching for more stories, and your suggestions might be featured in an upcoming post!

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