Stop comparing yourself to others.

There are seven-billion people on this planet and only ONE you.

YOU have ZERO competition in being yourself.

Gandhi is taken.

Buddha’s been done.

Bruce Lee has already had his fun.

Your true SELF is brighter than the sun.

You being YOU will make you the only One.

You are one of a kind—a unique, amazing, divine creation born to express your gifts with the world.

Your mere presence on this planet makes a difference, and who you ARE is the gift.

Yet we sometimes forget this. Thinking we should be something other than we are. That we must be…

…more successful

…more knowledgeable

…more skinny

…more nice

…more enlightened

…more like Gandhi or Mother Theresa.

The list can be exhausting and endless.

When, in fact, the very things that make you YOU are the very things that make YOU YOU. And what makes You uniquely YOU is the very thing that makes you special.

Comparing yourself to others is futile, for there is really no comparison. It only ends up killing your creativity and aliveness, leaving you feeling terrible. We often think everyone else is living the dream life and that we might be failing or falling behind. This is far from reality.

The goal in life is not to be successful by someone else’s standard but by your own authentic heart’s measure. Everyone has a different destiny and life path. You never really can know what is for others. To look at someone from the outside is not a true representation of what they are really going through at their level of fulfillment.

So today, let go of looking over there at someone else and comparing yourself to them.

You are not them.

You are not meant to be them.

You are you.

…and you were meant to be YOU!

The more you honor your uniqueness and the perfection of your life’s journey, the more you see your true self. The more you see your true self, the more beauty you will find within yourself to celebrate.

To succeed at being somebody that you are not (but think you need to be) is still a failure. But to love who you are and courageously be that fully is a life well lived.

The easiest thing is, in fact, to be who you are, but we forget.

I invite you to BE the ONE and love yourself deeply.

So, give yourself a gift today.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Set yourself free.

Love. Now.


I would love to hear your comments and thoughts below!

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Kute Blackson is a life coach and speaker. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom. For more on Kute, please visit his website and follow him on Twitter.

*Photo Credit: Corrie… via Compfight cc